The Best Travel Gear For New Parents

Guess what? Those world travelers who just had a baby still want to travel. Although they’ll love receiving adorable baby accessories as gifts, what can you get them to truly make their lives easier when they take their little ones on planes, trains and automobiles to hotels and Airbnbs that aren’t as well equipped as their own homes?

We’ve found some amazing gear that will let them get back on the road or in the air with ease. They’ll be so appreciative, they just might invite you along to babysit!

Flyaway Kids Bed

This ingenious invention turns any airplane seat into a lie-flat bed for little ones. Airline-approved, it inflates in 90 seconds and comes with its own pump and carry bag. This is such a game-changer and you’ll wish they could come up with an adult version. Price: $159

Ergobaby Omni Breeze Carrier

A carrier is a must for new parents on the move and this one – available in a variety of colors – is designed for maximum flexibility and breathability. Made with SoftFlex Mesh for easy air flow, it can be adjusted to grow with your baby and will keep you both comfortable at every stage. Price: $199

TruBliss Journey 3-in-1 Bassinet

This sturdy, easy-to-tote bassinet provides a safe haven for babies up to five months. It can even be placed next to your hotel bed, thanks to an included stand which features an underneath storage basket to hold diapers and other essentials. The bassinet also offers a nightlight, comforting vibration and sounds include those from nature and the womb, guitar lullabies and classical music to ensure everyone sleeps well. Price: $129.99

Pixsee Smart Baby Monitor

This high tech AI-powered monitor makes it easy to keep an eye on baby but has so many more features you’ll love, as well, including the ability for you to soothe them remotely through two-way audio. Featuring cry, temperature, humidity, area and covered face detection, Pixsee will notify you in real-time on your smartphone so you’ll always know what’s going on. Plus, it will record milestones and memories you can turn into an album to treasure forever. Price: $429

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini

This compact version of the bestselling Formula Pro Advanced is a lifesaver for new parents traveling with their babies. It automatically makes a bottle of formula to the perfect temperature and perfect consistency and is faster, more accurate and more hygienic than doing it by hand. Plus, it’s so much more convenient – especially when you’re away from home. It works with just about all brands of formula and bottles and you will truly appreciate it in a hotel room in the middle of the night. Price: $179.00

Baby Brezza Superfast Sterilizer Dryer

You’ll also want to carry along this baby bottle cleaner which sterilizes in just 10 minutes. It holds half a dozen bottles and two pump part sets, keeping everything sterilized for 24 hours when left in the unopened sterilizer. It’s kind of a miracle. Price: $179.99

Silver Cross Jet 3 Super Compact Stroller

This is a perfect stroller for both everyday use and for travel. Not only is it lightweight and a snap to fold and unfold but it’s even cabin approved for most airlines so you don’t have to gate check it. Its new Genius buckle is easy to use for adults yet childproof to keep little ones safe. Best of all, the stroller is designed to last from birth to 55 pounds. Price: $359.99-$399.99 depending on fabric choice

SlumberPod 3.0

For new parents, there’s no greater gift than sleep. The brilliant SlumberPod offers a portable and private nook that acts as an all-around blackout curtain so babies can feel safe and comfortable enough to fall asleep even in unfamiliar vacation homes or hotel rooms. Designed by a mother-daughter team, it’s easy to carry and set up, it feature a perfectly positioned pouch for a monitor and can even accommodate a fan (which can be purchased separately). Price: $179.99