Teachers Are Sharing Parenting “Red Flag” Behaviors They Notice Right Away


“‘They’re so good at school, they’re gonna be a *enter prestigious occupation.*’ I taught high school biology for gifted students, and I never would’ve guessed the absurd amount of expectation parents place on their kids if they’re gifted. I’ve seen kids not even 16 years old begging me to give them another chance to change a score from 85(!) because ‘my parents want me to be a famous physicist.’ Give your gifted kids a break! They may be smart, but they’re still kids!”


“It also sets them up for a difficult time in the future because they expect themselves to be perfect, and it’s not possible to be perfect all the time without burning out. I saw a lot of formerly gifted kids stall out in college because of the pressure they and their parents put on themselves to be top of the class. The problem is, there’s limited space up there. You can be a great student, get good grades, turn in good work, and still be middle of the pack.”