Zayn Malik on Baby Khai Is Like and Parenting With Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik has opened up for the first time about how becoming a parent with Gigi Hadid has changed him—and what their baby girl Khai, who’s now about six months, is like. His remarks, made to iHeartRadio’s Valentine in the Morning yesterday, are the most extensive yet on Khai.

Fatherhood, “honestly, it’s amazing,” Malik started, via E!. “A lot of people that I was speaking to, obviously, before she was born and stuff were like, ‘It’s a big adjustment, and it’s going to be a massive change and stuff.’ But honestly, she’s an amazing baby. It’s been really easy for me and Gig to kind of just ease into it. She kind of made it easy for us, she sleeps really well, she loves her milk. It’s just feeding and changing diapers at the moment. It’s wicked. I’m enjoying it, for sure.” He added that his girlfriend is an incredible parent too: “She’s good. She’s a wicked mom. Obviously, she’s really a big help with everything, and she’s doing well.”

gigi hadid, zayn malik and khai during halloween

Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik and Khai during Halloween 2020


Khai has fundamentally changed since she was born in September, Malik said. Before she came into their lives, Malik was self-focused. “I had time for my relationship and stuff too, but it was still solely about me,” he said. “The fact that [Khai] has been so easy to kind of just adjust to has been surprising to me because I just love spending my days with her, hanging out with her, just doing really relaxing chill stuff. Just watching kid shows on TV, on Netflix, learning nursery rhymes, just rolling around with her and just singing to her. It’s a really different pace of life, but it’s been really easy to adjust to it, for sure. I think that’s the most surprising thing.”

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