You’re Going to Love the New Petunia Pickle Bottom & Disney Baby Collab

Disney Baby and Petunia Pickle Bottom recently teamed up for a brand-new collab. The Love Mickey Mouse line is a collection of backpack-style diaper bags—and it’s available right now!

The Petunia Pickle Bottom and Disney Baby Love Mickey Mouse line includes the META ($169), Method ($159) and Boxy Backpack ($220). Along with the diaper bags, the line also features the Nimble Diaper Clutch, Sip & Snap bottle holder and Cool Pixel Plus.

Love Mickey Mouse is a line filled with fashionable, but functional, picks. Look for backpack linings covered in a “Love Mickey” graphic.

The sweet pattern also covers the bags’ accessories and the backpacks’ exteriors also feature Mickey Mouse outlines in tonal shades of grey.

If you’re not into a pink or blue baby bag, you don’t have anything to worry about with this line. The backpacks and accessories have a gender neutral color scheme. This makes the line perfect for every new parent and every new occasion you’ll experience with your new little love.

Find the Love Mickey Mouse line of backpacks and baby bag accessories online at Petunia Pickle Bottom here.

—Erica Loop

Photos courtesy of Petunia Pickle Bottom and Disney Baby



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