Woman Online Acknowledges How Badly Her Life Changed After The Birth Of Her Baby, Revealing That It Was The Worst Mistake Of Her Life

It’s well-known that being a parent is a hard thing to do and it seems that no matter how well one tries to prepare for it, it still comes as a challenge. A challenge that might bring a new mother to a point where she starts to regret her decision. Very often we might see happy parents who love to share their little but important achievements and new discoveries. But there are two sides to the coin. This other side might not be that fun and wholesome. Proof of this could be a post shared on Mumsnet by a new mom who decided to confess that having a baby was “the worst mistake of her life.” This bold statement was accompanied by an elaborate explanation of why the woman feels that way and a discussion of other moms who were quick to share how they felt after giving birth and providing words of encouragement to the new mom.

Being a new parent is as exciting as it is challenging and even scary

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The woman shared that she hates being a mom because she doesn’t have time for herself, feeling that she has no life. She continued by revealing what every day looks like for her, adding details such as that she has to wake up at 6 to go to work, after which she goes to the nursery to pick up her baby and then go home. Once she’s back, she tries to spend some quality time with the child, bathe and prepare them for bed. And then when the night comes, the woman only gets a few hours of sleep because the baby keeps waking up. “Wake up for day at 6. Feel like a zombie. Repeat,” the mom concluded her daily routine.

Woman online decided to share how she finds being a new mom tiring to the point where she thinks that having a baby was a mistake

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A lot of other moms in the comments admitted that the first two years of a baby’s life are quite hard on parents, especially if they are taking care of the kid all by themselves. The commentators assumed that the mom is alone in this situation and encouraged her to seek help from her family members or friends. Some tried to calm down the author of the post by stating that this is temporary and that once their child is older, despite other challenges, it will get easier.

The woman revealed how draining her everyday life has become after she had a baby, stating that now she doesn’t feel like she has a life of her own

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It might seem shocking to hear that a parent regrets having their kid or even admits to sometimes hating them. This is not a very frequent occurrence, as people are much more pleased to look at smiling parents and their well-dressed and well-behaved kids posing for a photo that then ends up on social media. And parents who even allow themselves to think that way frequently suppress their feelings, because how dare they think badly about their offspring?

This confession on a parenting news site started a discussion where moms shared their own thoughts on the matter

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According to Better Help, a platform that provides mental health services, parents shouldn’t be scared to admit that they feel hatred. It’s important to not suppress your feelings or push those bad thoughts away. Sometimes putting more thought into it helps one to understand whether you’re actually mad at your child or maybe there are other things that make your life harder. Once you understand why you feel this way, it’s easier to find solutions that help to improve your well-being and relationship with your kid.

Users online agreed that being a mom for the first two years is a huge challenge and shared their own experiences as well as words of sympathy for the new mom

Sometimes parents hate to admit that they don’t like their children because of their crippled relationship with them. How many times have we witnessed a kid who would scream their lungs out in the middle of a store to the point where the parent seems just ignorant of the whole situation? According to the article by Better Help, Sometimes I Feel Like I Hate My Child: Am I A Bad Parent?, in cases like these, it’s important to understand what it is that makes you upset with your child and how you can change it, stressing that there is nothing wrong with talking about it with someone else and addressing these issues. We all have troubled relationships with various people in our lives and going through some struggles with your kid is a normal experience.

Users online recommended that this woman get some extra help as it’s hard to work and take care of a baby all by yourself

It’s crucial to understand that as a parent, you’re helping another human being to become a person with their own thoughts, needs, desires, and wishes. So once they start to express themselves and their ideas, these might clash with your opinions, causing arguments and distress. What a lot of parents forget is that even if you wish to provide your child with the best things in life, it’s important to not forget yourself and your needs.

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The post encouraged other mothers to reveal the truth about parenting and share their own experiences