Woman furious after ex gives new baby the same name as their son

Parents usually spend months choosing the perfect name for their newborn, thinking about every pro, con and unfortunate nickname that their kid could be left with.

So when one woman’s ex-husband confessed that he’d given his new baby a similar name as their son, she was furious.

The mum revealed that her ex claimed he “hadn’t realised” the names were incredibly similar, with only a few letters difference, The Sun reports.

She shared on Mumsnet that her son Barnaby, 11, had never had much in the way of a relationship with his dad and her ex-husband.

“He’s never had much input in Barnaby’s life and only sees him (on average) once every few months,” she explained.

She continued: “My ex has been in a relationship for around two years I gather with a woman I have only ever spoken a few words to, as when I drop Barnaby at his house she never seems to be in.”

It was only when her son found out that his dad’s new partner was pregnant that the mum also heard the news.

However, when she next spoke to her ex, he revealed that his partner had already given birth.

She said: “There was a short pause before he said that his partner had just given birth about two days prior, to a baby boy that they named BARNEY???

“I was speechless.

“I asked him why he called his son basically the same name as our son Barnaby, and he said that he hadn’t realised but was not going to change it because his partner had fallen in love with the name.

“Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong on many levels, practically calling your son the same name as your other son, and what can I actually do about this?

“Do I just have to leave it and tell my son that he has basically been replaced???!!”

Other users couldn’t believe the dad didn’t realise the similarity, and one said: “Your ex and his partner are both complete idiots. Honestly, some people are ridiculous.”

A second wrote: “What an absolutely nutter … how odd.”

And a third said: “He did not realise??? He forgot he had a son named Barnaby? He sounds crazy to me.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission