What does 2023 look like for the baby care industry

The emergence of new parenting trends and digital platforms have revolutionized the baby care industry remarkably in the last decade. Primarily driven by rising baby health concerns, increasing infant population and high spending capacity of the people, the baby products market has grown multi-fold. There has been a significant increase in awareness among parents around the world pertaining to baby’s health, owing to the outbreak of Covid-19 that impacted almost every industry vertical. They have become extremely cautious while purchasing any baby products, be it baby food, skin care, toiletries, and/or clothes. Demand for natural products has risen with safety becoming an utmost priority. 

The industry is expected to further grow and evolve in the coming years with the introduction of new players in the segment. Brands today are constantly innovating with product development to best cater to the needs of the customers who are shifting towards high-quality, and premium baby products. Consumers now prefer quality over quantity and seek best-in-class products for their young ones. Brands’ focus on natural yet effective products will rise in the coming years. Additionally, they will have to ensure ease of accessibility for their products in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Rising number of women in the workforce is yet another key driver to propel the market. Women today are working relentlessly to manage their professional and personal life while taking the best care of their baby. Baby massage is one tradition where parents will never compromise. It’s an age-old practice in India and helps create a special bond between mother and the child. Brands understand this and are offering relevant products that will make this bond even better and stronger.  

Rapid Digitalization has further transformed the baby care market. With easy internet accessibility and the emergence of digital platforms, parents’ purchasing patterns have also evolved. With the kind of hectic life working parents lead today, the preference towards online shopping will further grow.

2023 will mark the onset of new focus areas for the brands along with a few existing ones, which will cater to the changing needs of the mothers and their babies. With a strong focus on wellness, premium quality products across categories will see a huge demand in the coming years. The baby care industry is going through its best phase and the coming year will be full of opportunities for brands to grow and evolve. 



Views expressed above are the author’s own.