Watch a Preview of The Mandalorian Pinball Machine, Featuring a Ball-Catching Baby Yoda

This was inevitably the way: The Mandalorian is getting its own pinball machine, courtesy of the masters over at Stern Pinball. Modern pinball is heavily focused on licensed properties, and Star Wars is about as big as it gets, so this was just a matter of time.

The latest in a long line of Star Wars-themed pinball machines, The Mandalorian was announced yesterday, and is available now through official Stern dealers. As usual, Stern is releasing it in three different models—Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition—with different art for each one and some unique gameplay features for the Premium and LE editions. All three models are covered in Mando-themed art, and feature original music and video from the show. Stern released a bunch of videos for this one, including an official trailer, separate clips that run down the Pro and the Premium/LE features, and a video that looks at the various accessories found in the game; let’s take a look at ‘em all.

First up, here’s the official trailer. You’ll notice every model of the game comes with a Baby Yoda (okay, sorry, Grogu) toy and a sculpture of Mando’s ship, the Razor Crest. All kinds of Mandalorian characters pop up on the art, including Ahsoka, Boba Fett, and that little alien guy that Nick Nolte voiced in the first season. Could Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally’s Grogu-punching stormtroopers show up somewhere? Sure, why not. This trailer gives a quick overview of the look and feel of the game, if you’re only looking for the most basic info.

Next up is a look at the specific features of the Pro Model. This is the base model of the game, and has a MSRP of $6199. (Pinball ain’t cheap.) Most of the core gameplay can be found in the Pro Model, along with music and video from the show. It also has a stationary upper playfield with a single flipper, which is a streamlined take on the upper playfield found in the two more advanced versions of the game.

And now time for the video that runs down the Premium and Limited Edition Models. In terms of gameplay, these two models are the same; the LE comes with a variety of aesthetic upgrades and a more powerful speaker system, and is limited to only 750 units. Both the Premium and the LE feature a motorized upper playfield that moves, leans, and tilts, with two buttons and six targets. Also exclusive to these models: a magnet on the playfield in front of Grogu, which simulates Baby Yoda using the Force to “catch” the ball and shoot it down one of five CHILD lanes. The Premium Model costs $7799, and the LE is $9199.

Finally, here’s an overview of all the cool accessories you’ll find on the different versions of the game. The shooter knob is based on that little orb from the Razor Crest that Grogu always plays with, the side armor has a long drawing of Mando’s rifle, and interior art blades feature almost the whole Mandalorian cast—including, yes, legendary film director Werner Herzog.

Forget Baby Yoda: this is the first pinball machine to ever star Werner Herzog. That alone is probably worth eight grand or so.

The Mandalorian is available for order now wherever Stern machines are sold.