Vegetable-forward baby food tackles childhood obesity

Among them is New Zealand-based Good Feeding, one of three winners of FoodNavagitor-USA’s Food For Kids’ Trailblazer competition, which is launching soon in the US with a subscription model that offers high-quality, minimally processed chilled baby food. It also offers a complete program that guides parents in how to safely and effectively introduce new flavors and textures to children so that, according to the company, they can “move beyond sweet and sail past salty to discover bitter is better, the power of sour and that even umami is a flavor to savor.”

Horrified that 25{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} of US children are overweight or obese, Good Feeding co-founder and CEO Phil McGrath says he is eager to bring his Go Well products and unique palate training approach to the US so that caregivers break the cycle of sugar addiction which he says begins before children can even eat solids.

Children “start life on sweet milk, be that formula or breast milk, and then we give them more sweet in the way of fruit, right, and more sweet and more sweet and more sweet. And then we’re trying to work out why they’re coming out with obesity issues or addition to sugar.”

As an industry veteran he said he knows that many baby food brands favor high acid, high sugar and overcooked food to increase the safety and shelf life of the finished product, but he says continuing to take this approach when the consequences are so negative is “lazy.”

“We really felt that we could look at this ecosystem and change this ecosystem,”​ McGrath said.