Uplifting Pregnancy and Parenting News

Between the formula and tampon shortage, divided politics and record-breaking inflation rates, things can start to feel a little bit bleak. That’s where Good News Fridays come in. Filled with our favorite stories that inspire, entertain and celebrate the best of pregnancy and parenting, we hope this roundup helps you end your week on a positive note. Check in weekly for updates, and stay smiling!

New York Police Officer Saves Choking Baby on Beach

Mother and baby can breathe easy thanks to the swift actions of a New York Police officer. Brian Zeng was working on the beach and boardwalk at 96 Street when a mother approached him with her eight-month-old baby, frantically telling him that her son was choking on a piece of fruit and was turning blue. Zeng quickly turned the child over and performed infant CPR that he had learned in training, dislodging the fruit and saving the baby’s life! Learn step-by-step how to do infant CPR here.

Airlines Can No Longer Charge You Extra Money To Sit Next to Your Child

New guidelines released by the US Department of Transportation urge US airlines to ensure that children aged 13 or younger are seated next to an accompanying adult for no additional charge. The announcement was made amid complaints of children as young as 11 months old not having a seat next to their parents. The department says it will review airlines’ seating policies and practices later this year. Those found to have barriers to children sitting next to an adult family member will be penalized.

Young Boys Save Their Dad’s Life with CPR Learned from The Sandlot

After the father of three boys lost consciousness in his backyard pool, his sons leaped into action! The boys pulled their dad out of the water, performed CPR on him (which they weren’t certified in but remembered from watching The Sandlot) and ran out to the neighbors for help. The boys succeeded in alerting emergency services and saving their dad’s life with quick thinking and the help of the beloved baseball movie. Check out The Bump’s water safety tips to keep the whole family safe this summer.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Welcome Baby Number 2

The Game of Thrones star and Cake By the Ocean singer confirmed the arrival of their baby girl on July 14. In an interview with Elle, Turner shared her excitement for her new baby girl saying, “It’s what life is about for me – raising the next generation. The greatest thing in life is seeing my daughter go from strength to strength. We’re so excited to be expanding the family. It’s the best blessing ever.”

Private Breastfeeding and Pumping Spaces Now Required in New York Airports

Traveling mommas can now breathe a sigh of relief as New York has mandated that airports within the state have dedicated, private areas for parents to breastfeed or pump. Read up on your right to a private breastfeeding and pumping place here.

Schitt’s Creek Star Sarah Levy Names Baby Boy After Her Dad

Schitt’s Creek star Sarah Levy welcomed baby boy James Eugene to the family last week! Levy and her husband, Graham Outerbridge, announced the birth with an Instagram post on July 5. James’ middle name is seemingly a homage to Levy’s father, Eugene Levy. The baby is the first grandchild for Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine and the first child for both Sarah Levy and Outerbridge.