Twitter thread of worst baby names ever heard includes drugs and Game of Thrones characters

Would you call your child Cocaine, Khaleesi or Reinbeaux? The world’s most outrageous baby names are revealed

  • Bemused parents have shared the most shocking baby names they’ve ever heard
  • Kingslayer, Khaleesi, and Diesel Duramax were among the most bizarre listed
  • Others included Cocaine, Crystal Shining Waters and Strawberry Rain
  • One woman said she met a Jennifert – Jennifer with a ‘T’ – at university
  • Another said she knew three sisters called Uranus, Neptune and Galaxy

Game of Thrones, outer space and class A drugs served as inspiration for some of the world’s most outrageous baby names. 

Bemused parents, believed to live in the US, took to Twitter to share the most shocking names they have ever heard, in a bizarre thread that proves some will do just about anything to ensure their children stand out from the crowd. 

Among the eyebrow-raisers were Kingslayer and Khaleesi – two fictional characters from HBO’s award-winning Game of Thrones – along with Cocaine, Strawberry Rain, Diesel Duramax and Crystal Shining Waters.

One woman said she knew of an astronomer couple who named their three daughters Neptune, Galaxy and Uranus.

Twitter thread of worst baby names ever heard includes drugs and Game of Thrones characters

 Game of Thrones, outer space and class A drugs have served as inspiration for some of the world’s most outrageous baby names (stock image)

A primary school teacher said she once taught a boy called Jacuzzi, the European term for a spa tub.

Others listed unusual spellings of traditional names, including Psamantha, Jennifert and Kviiilyn – pronounced Kaitlyn but written with the Roman numeral eight.

Also on the list were Reinbeaux – a twist on Rainbow – and Phelany, pronounced ‘felony’, reported.

The revelations come weeks after a celebrity parenting expert revealed Australia’s most ‘bogan’ baby names of 2021. 

Sabrina Rogers-Anderson, author of The Little Book of BOGAN Baby Names first published in 2017, combed through the national birth register to uncover the country’s most bizarre choices.

‘Every year, I think my annual list will be the last because surely I’ve covered every bogan name in Australia. But every year, Aussie parents prove me wrong,’ Ms Rogers-Anderson wrote on Kidspot.

The Canadian author found one couple who named their first child SaTiva after a strain of cannabis, then ran with the theme by calling their second daughter Indica – another strain of marijuana – 16 months later. 

The worst baby names of all time – according to Twitter






Strawberry Rain

Crystal Shining Waters

Diesel Duramax 

Kviiilyn (Kaitlyn, written with the Roman numeral eight)

Chardae and Jenesis – a misspelling of the biblical book Genesis – were just some of the wacky picks for girls, according to Ms Rogers-Anderson, who claims Chardae is simply Chardonnay ‘sneakily disguised’ as a new name. 

Other twists on traditional names included Sharlet, Zacqueline, Wednezdai and Trynyty, while one couple went completely rogue by naming their baby girl Vagina.

Ms Rogers-Anderson said she discovered it ranked number 16,815th in popularity on a baby name website.

Some parents drew inspiration from corporate brands by naming their daughters Mattel – the company that manufactures Barbie – and Velveeta, a processed, plastic-like cheese popular in the US. 

Top 10 bogan girl names

1. Chardae

2. Jenesis

3. Mattel

4. Sharlet

5. Summerbreeze

6. SaTiva

7. Indica

8. Trynyty

9. Zacqueline 

10. Vagina

Source: Sabrina Rogers-Anderson 

Top 10 bogan boy names

1. Crash

2. Fysh

3. Heller

4. Jacksin

5. Kuba

6. Legend

7. Lundynn

8. Lynxx

9. Pinches

10. Rolexus

Source: Sabrina Rogers-Anderson 

Ms Rogers-Anderson’s research shows boy parents drew inspiration from destinations, with names such as Kuba and Lundynn appearing on the list.

Monosyllabic names including Crash, Fysh and Lynxx were also popular, along with bizarrely dramatic choices like Legend and Rolexus – a mash up of luxury watch maker Rolex and car brand, Lexus.

Ms Rogers-Anderson also found parents naming their baby boys Jacksin – a misspelling of Jackson – and Heller, a nod to the trend for Americanised names ending in ‘er’ such as Striker, Breaker, and Dagger.

Elsewhere on the list was Pinches, originally a surname first recorded in 12th century Europe which means ‘bright’ and ‘chirpy’.