Toycycle Makes a Difference as a Secondary Market of Toys, Clothing, and Baby Gear

Toycycle Makes a Difference as a Secondary Market of Toys, Clothing, and Baby Gear

Resale startup saving the planet and providing a platform for top quality baby toys, clothes, and gear

Toycycle is helping families declutter and earn some cash for their used baby items – used toys, clothing and gear. The company is a next-gen resale marketplace that uses customized software to provide a solution to the problem of outgrown baby things. 

Planning for babies can be both physically and financially draining especially when so many essentials are required for infants. What’s worse, babies outgrow gear, clothes and toys and need new ones every few months. The old ones can become a pile of unnecessary clutter. 

But how to discard them? Toys especially often end up in the trash because many charitable organizations will not accept them. According to Medium, approximately 80% of all toys in the U.S. end up in a landfill. The environmental impact of trashing all these toys and gear items is significant. Principally because the plastics used in their manufacture are not recyclable. Nor are they biodegradable. They sit in landfills leaching harmful chemicals into countless ecosystems and polluting the planet.  

In line with its mission, Toycycle is focused on breaking the vicious cycle of pollution that threatens the health of our children. The resale company strives to reduce the adverse impact of plastic waste with a premier curbside consignment service and a baby resale store that stocks excellent-condition used baby items, as well as new products made with sustainable materials that don’t harm the environment. 

According to a company spokesperson, “We focus on high-quality used clothing, top-notch used toys, and all the other gear that helps make parenting a little bit easier. We believe that shopping second-hand can not only save families money but can help protect the future health of the earth for all of our little citizens.”

Founded and headed by a mother of twins and a life-long thrifter, Toycycle launched in 2019 and is headquartered in Oakland, California. The company employs the expertise of professional curators. The baby resale store has serviced the San Francisco Bay Area up until recently when it expanded services to Austin, Texas. They also recently launched a Cleanout Box option for families throughout the continental U.S.

With Toycycle, parents can easily sell outgrown or unused baby stuff and kid gear. But parents in need of these items can also purchase them through Toycycle’s online baby resale store. The company’s value proposition for buyers is reliability and trustworthiness. 

But after the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, some parents may still be concerned about the safety of used baby items. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the risk of spreading COVID-19 via products or packages shipped over a period of days is extremely low. This is due to the virus’ inability to survive on surfaces and the harsh conditions encountered in transit.

Even so, the company employs a very high standard of cleanliness. When used baby items arrive at Toycycle, a curator meticulously inspects each to ensure that they are in excellent and fully functional condition. They are then wiped down with a certified eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. 

Toycycle offers a full refund policy if parents are not satisfied with items they purchase through the marketplace. And parents who buy used baby items from Toycycle are encouraged to consign them back when their babies outgrow them. This is the very essence of circularity that the startup strives for.

The young company is thrilled to be contributing to the safety and conservation of the planet with a solution that makes buying used baby items or kid gear as easy and trustworthy as buying new ones.  This year Toycycle plans to expand its services to many more parents across the U.S. 

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