Thoughtful Baby Accessories – Swaddle Sleeping Bags, Bibs and Bowls!

Parents want the best for their babies, yet are at times unsure of what works and what doesn’t. SHENNON CHAN, founder of Elly Milley, is a mother who knows all too well the frustration of motherhood. Shennon started the brand with the goal of helping fellow mums on their motherhood journey, by curating a range of baby accessories that have been tried and tested, “by mummies, for fellow mummies”. Think essentials such as swaddle sleeping bags, baby bibs and also sustainable weaning cups and bowls.

For new parents, caring for your little ones can be blissful and unnerving at the same time. Here, Shennon talks us through five items that can really help in having a happy, healthy, comfortable baby or toddler.

#1 Swaddle sleeping bag

A baby’s sleep is one of the biggest factors in cognitive development and mood. We’d been searching for the right sleeping bags that provide the most comfort as well as protection for little ones, but we couldn’t find one. That’s why we decided to create our own Elly Milley Swaddle Sleeping Bag. It’s the only baby swaddle that provides the correct functionality, the right soft material, bespoke cutting and a two-way zipper design. 

swaddle baby sleeping bagsThe Swaddle Sleeping Bag features a unique arms-up curvature; this allows babies to sleep in their natural position and self-soothe. The measured curvature of the sleeping bag is designed for optimum heat transfer between the baby’s body temperature and the surroundings, while providing a comfortable fit around the torso to create a secure feeling. The revolutionary two-way zipper is a perfect solution for late-night diaper changes by minimising disturbances to the baby. Of course, with the Swaddle Sleeping Bag, there isn’t a need for re-wrapping, so baby stays comfortably swaddled all night long.

The material is made from a premium Korean cotton and modal mix; it’s designed specially to suit Singapore’s humid weather and ensures baby’s body temperature is being regulated. So no more fussing about whether it’s too warm or too cold!

The Elly Milley Swaddle Sleeping Bag is available here in three colours. Check it out now and enjoy 10% off with the promo code ‘EM10YAY’. 

#2 Tableware

Weaning is a natural process of babies moving from breast milk to other sources of nourishment. During this period, you need the right tools to facilitate the smooth transition of dietary intake and the formation of good self-feeding habits. 

baby bowlsWe found that among all the available baby tableware, few brands could beat By Lille Vilde’s thoughtful designs of bowls, spoons, cups and straws, as far as quality, effectiveness and safety go. This Danish brand has a focus on sustainability, and Elly Milley is the appointed exclusive distributor in Singapore. (Click here to find out more.)

Made from the highest grade food contact silicone (BPA- and phthalate-free), sustainable and tested to the most stringent EU-standard LFGB and American FDA, By Lille Vilde tableware is designed with a baby’s behaviour in mind. 

Bowls and spoons for baby-led weaning

For parents having a difficult time transitioning to weaning, meal time for baby can get a whole lot easier with By Lille Vilde bowls and spoon for baby-led weaning. Their silicone non-slip bowls boast one clever design feature: they stay in place – and the lids do too! Using the strong suction base, parents can safely secure food to a table, high chair or almost any surface. This is the most effective solution for the messy problem of food spilling from toppling bowls. 

With a larger diameter than most conventional silicone bowls, the collection is designed for the comfort of the little ones. The spoons are soft to the touch but don’t bend easily; they provide the perfect ergonomic grip for little hands. The spoon is also specially designed with a small notch in the shaft. This prevents it from slipping into the bowl – a common, frustrating problem in self-led weaning. 

Check out By Lille Vilde bowls and spoons for self-led weaning here.

Self-feeding cups and straws

In addition to eating, part of weaning is to learn self-led drinking and sucking from straws. By Lille Vilde self-feeding cups feature double easy-grip handles to strengthen toddlers’ motor skills. This is highly effective especially for toddlers who don’t yet have the necessary grip strength to hold conventional cups. As with all By Lille Vilde products, the high-grade silicone ensures a firm grip on the table surface. 

The matching silicone straws (sold separately) provide the safest design that protects children’s gums from accidental injuries. 

Check out By Lille Vilde self-feeding cups and straws for weaning here

#3 Baby bibs

Being a mother of two, I also understand better than anyone the frustration of parents looking for the perfect bib in the hopes that there is one that works to minimise food splashing, is easy to wear and a breeze to clean. 

By Lille Vilde signature silicone bibs are not only stylish, but they’re also among the most effective bibs ever designed. The bib marries firmness with flexibility making it perfect to bring on the go. It comes with a highly effective food catcher, is easy to clean and is a great solution for food spills. The bib also adjusts to size and fits snuggly on children of all sizes.

Find out more about By Lille Vilde bibs and Elly Milley accessories for weaning here

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