This smart crib will rock your baby back to sleep when it wakes up

  • Startup Cradlewise created a three-in-one crib, bassinet, and monitor with artificial intelligence.
  • Designed by young parents, it rocks your baby back to sleep and monitors their sleeping pattern.
  • One of the principal aims of the crib is to allow parents to enjoy a few more hours of sleep.
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Trying to get a newborn back to sleep can be incredibly trying for a new parent.

From weighted sleep sacks that mimic a parent’s hand to paying a baby nurse $800 to teach your baby babies to sleep through the night, the market for sleep solutions for new babies is ever-growing. 

The answer, however, may lie in artificial intelligence.

A new crib created by startup Cradlewise monitors a baby’s sleeping pattern.

Using an inbuilt baby monitor, the crib will rock your infant back to sleep if it detects they’ve stirred in their sleep.

The crib is connected to the parent’s smartphone through an app. The sleep sensor sends a notification when the baby is restless or has woken up using indicators like breathing rates and movement — the crib even tells you how long the baby has slept.  

The crib’s walls allow light to filter through without directly exposing the baby. The baby-monitoring cam is built into the bridge that connects the two walls of the crib. 

Perhaps the crib’s most appealing feature is that new parents can enjoy a few more precious hours of rest, as the crib takes care of rocking their baby back to sleep — it even registers how much rocking is required. A selection of music is also available to soothe the baby. 

“It’s not the amount of work around the baby that tires the parents; it’s the lack of sleep,” Cradlewise CEO Radhika Patil told Reuters

Patil and her husband Bharath, both electrical engineers, initially came up with the idea for Cradlewise when they were figuring out sleep arrangements for their daughter.

Step by step, they constructed the Cradlewise model without realizing it, as Patil details in a Medium post. 


AI has also previously been used in other inventions such as the Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor.

Hillary Grigonis/Business Insider

40{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} of parents were worried about their babies’ sleep at the age of eight months, a study by the Finnish health watchdog THL found.

In an interview with Mums and Stories, Patil said she enlisted the help of a pediatric specialist and spoke to more than 200 parents about sleep challenges. 

The crib follows other smart models including the Snoo Smart Bassinet, and a one-off model created by Ford which mimicked a car in motion to put a baby to sleep.

AI has also previously been used in other inventions such as the Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor.  

According to Reuters, the Patils’ model is unique as it includes a camera and is designed for a broader age range. 

Targeted at babies between zero and 24 months old, the $1999 Cradlewise model is marketed as a ‘three-in-one‘ bassinet, crib, and monitor.

It was named one of TIME Magazine‘s Best Inventions of 2020 and won in the Parenting Category.