Things to keep in mind while ensuring your baby’s health in the monsoon season

The monsoon season is synonymous with infections and other health issues, caused by dampness and exposure to humidity. Babies, more than adults, are susceptible to seasonal illnesses. As a new parent, what can you do to make sure your newborn is comfortable during monsoon months?

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Actor Neha Dhupia, who is a mother-of-two, took to Instagram to explain on her breastfeeding and parenting platform ‘Freedom to Feed’ that baby care during monsoon can protect kids and keep them healthy.

She listed some tips for parents in a video; take a look.

1. Keep your baby clean: This is essential so as to keep the dampness away, especially amid humidity, which can make the baby sweat. It can lead to bacterial infections, so it is important to clean them at regular intervals using a gentle baby wash.

2. Make sure there is proper clothing on them: The right fabric can protect the skin from rashes. Wrap them in a warm woollen cloth to prevent exposure to insects/mosquitoes, etc.

3. Watch out for insects: This is a no-brainer. Insect bites can lead to rashes, discomfort, and if it is a mosquito bite, your child may be at risk of dengue.

4. Keep certain medications handy: Consult with a paediatrician.

5. Keep the surroundings clean: It is directly linked to health and hygiene. Change the sheets, keep yourself clean. Do not allow water to accumulate anywhere in the house.

Previously, Dr Arun Wadhwa had told that it is also important to refrain from using harsh detergents. While in order to have a soft baby skin new outfits of your little one need to be washed and cleaned, it is wise to avoid baby powders that may result in respiratory distress, and chemical detergents or chemical-laden baby products that are known to lead to allergic reactions.

“Be careful of diaper rashes, too. They are normally caused due to wetness from the nappy. Considering the moisture around during monsoon, the baby is more prone to rashes. Hence, the best way to prevent a nappy rash is by using a diaper cream,” he had said.

What do you think of these tips?

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