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When you find out you are expecting a newborn, you want to only give them the best. The softest fabrics and the warmest materials are a must. 

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You would do anything to give your baby the most comfortable clothes imaginable, but what about how the materials for her clothes are sourced?

Poorly sourced clothing leads to slave labor in material producing countries and environmental issues. With every purchase you make for your baby girl, are you making the world you will leave her better or worse? 

What if the softest and most comfortable baby clothes were also the most environmentally conscious? It is possible to have the best of both worlds with your baby girl clothes

The Fashion Industry is Full of Waste

When a fabric is produced for clothing, all of the scraps are wasted. When cutting sheets of cotton for denim, for example, all of the material in a sheet that isn’t part of the jeans ends up in the trash. 

It is possible to harvest this virgin cotton while it is still scrapped, and make it into a new fabric that can be spun into the softest baby-friendly material imaginable. This organic cotton makes for luxuriously soft baby clothes that have a very low environmental impact.

It is especially important to eliminate waste in baby clothing since they will only wear these garments for a short time before they outgrow them. By purchasing baby clothes made from reclaimed cotton, you are making an impact in the number of fertilizers in the water table, the water that is used for crops, and the fossil fuels needed to harvest and transport the cotton. 

Natural garments use reclaimed plastics for zippers and clasps as well. These reclaimed plastics keep plastic out of the oceans. 

Once it hits the ocean, this plastic waste could literally be there for millennia. When choosing the clothes your baby girl will wear for only a little while, don’t choose clothing that will harm her home for the rest of her life.

Baby Clothes Should Last

While your baby will only be this size for a little while, that is no reason to treat her clothes as disposable. Well made baby clothes will survive the regular washing that happens when clothes have to deal with spit-up, bottle spills, and diaper leaks. 

Quality baby clothes will hold together and look great until the time your baby outgrows her clothes. Even more importantly, your child can pass on her clothes to another sibling or friend’s child afterward, and as long as it still looks great, it will be worn again.

By being durable, quality baby clothes can have a second, third, or even fourth life. This means that the supply chain associated with the clothing purchases that did not need to be made is gone as well. 

Responsible Clothing Is Shipped Less

Typically, clothing uses a large supply chain. Fabrics are made in one place and shipped to another to be assembled into clothing, with elements like buttons and zippers coming from a third and even a fourth location. 

After all those steps, the clothes are then shipped to their end destination to be sold and perhaps shipped again. The responsible method for doing this involves shipping things as little as possible.

If clothes can’t be made in place, they should be made at close distances so the shipping impact is minimal. 

To summarize, the softest natural clothing for your baby girl should also be responsibly produced, so you can leave her a better world than she came into. If you choose the right brand, you can have all of these things in one quality garment.