The Mandalorian Black Series Speeder Bike Scout Trooper With Baby Yoda Figure is Available Now


Hasbro’s Black Series Speeder Bike Scout Trooper Star Wars: The Mandalorian figure and vehicle set featuring Grogu (aka The Child aka Baby Yoda) went up for pre-order as an Amazon exclusive back in October for week 1 of Disney’s Mando Mondays program. The figure set began shipping yesterday, and if you didn’t reserve one, it would be a good idea to remedy that right away.

At the time of writing, the figure was still available on backorder here on Amazon (exclusive) for the standard $49.99. Given its backorder status, a sell out is probably imminent, so lock one down at the regular price while you can. The Star Wars: The Black Series Speeder Bike Scout Trooper Figure and Vehicle Set features a 6-inch Scout Trooper figure with a Speeder Bike vehicle, stand, and three accessories – one of them being Baby Yoda in a bag.


Speaking of Disney’s Mando Mondays program, the ninth and final week is now in the books, and The Black Series Force FX Elite Lightsaber was the main event for the finale. Not surprisingly, it has sold like crazy in pre-order.

The Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Elite Darksaber is based on the weapon featured in the Disney+ Star Wars: The Mandalorian series, and it is touted as “the most realistic Force FX Lightsaber yet”. Features include power-up, power-down, and motion sensor-controlled idle hum and battle clash effects inspired by The Mandalorian series. It also features progressive ignition, a molten tip effect, light-up hilt, and the first-ever white LED blade edge in the Force FX Elite Lightsaber series.

Pre-orders for the Force FX Darksaber are still available here at Entertainment Earth and here Best Buy for $249.99 at the time of writing – both with free shipping. Pre-orders sold out here on Amazon in the blink of an eye at launch, but they will probably return at some point in the future.

You can check out all of Disney’s Mando Mondays releases here via our master list. Season 2 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian is now streaming in its entirety on Disney Plus.

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