The latest shortage is causing local mother’s to scramble to feed their babies — find out why | Consumer

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The latest shortage that’s hitting the headlines is impacting our nation’s most vulnerable population — babies.

Families are struggling to get their hands on baby formula.

News 10 spoke with one local mother who says it’s a scary time.

Like most relatively new moms, Roni Elder’s trip to the grocery store consists of stocking up on baby formula. However, about 3 months ago, she started to run into some issues.

“It started being like we’re out we’re sorry, it will be in soon, and then it just never came in,” Elder said.

Like so many other products, baby formula has fallen victim to ongoing supply chain issues.

Elder, mom to an 11-month-old named Jagen, uses a special powdered infant formula. She tells News 10 that these days, it’s nearly impossible to come by.

Roni Elder and her 11-month-old Jagen

She has even taken her efforts online but has remained unlucky.

Now, she and her husband are looking elsewhere, driving all over the state — to cities like Brazil, Indianapolis, and Avon.

Elder says consistency is key when it comes to the formula you feed your baby.

“It’s really scary as a mom because your baby needs the formula, and some babies like Jagen…it took us a really long time to find the perfect formula for him, and he needs the spit-up formula.”

Elder also realizes that some families don’t have the means to commute to different cities, trying to find the nourishment their babies need.

That’s where the Indiana Women, Infants, and Children Program, or (WIC), steps in to help. WIC participants are given benefits when it comes to obtaining formulas. This is because Indiana has a partnership with Gerber.

Breast-feeding coordinator, Melissa Bennett, tells News 10 stores are required to have a certain stock of Gerber formulas on their shelves at all times.

“We will help them with any needs they have with lactation. We will also help them find the formula. We’re pretty good about knowing which stores have which supplies at pretty much any given week,” Bennett said.

Both Elder and Bennett have found ways around this shortage, but they both agree on the fact that there is no alternative to the nutrients formula provides.

“There really isn’t any other alternative to breast milk or formula. One-hundred percent of the baby’s nutrition is breast milk or formula until their 6-months-old,” Bennett said.

If you would like to sign up for the WIC Program, you can do so by calling 812-232-6306.