The Importance of Cleanliness and Hygiene for Babies in the Hot Season, Lifestyle News

Baby Care

Baby Care | Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

The importance of cleanliness and hygiene when caring for babies cannot be overstated. It’s especially true during the hot, humid season.

Common Skin Conditions and Care for Babies

The skin of a baby is sensitive and has to adapt to seasonal changes. Children and babies frequently experience chapping, crawler’s knees, rubbed elbows, and diaper rash. It is also common among babies to have a scaly condition of the scalp known as “cradle cap”.

The Importance of Baby Massage and Proper Techniques

In the summer, babies are prone to rashes and prickly heat. Consult your doctor if rashes persist for more than a day. Keeping the diaper area dry is made easier by powder. Be careful not to use too much powder, as it can settle in the folds and crevices of the baby’s skin. The most important part of baby care is massage. As well as benefiting the body, massage contributes to healthy emotional development. Massage strengthens emotional bonds and provides a sense of security and well-being to babies. According to Ayurveda, oils should be chosen according to the season. An olive oil with a pure composition has a gentle effect. It absorbs easily and is light in weight. Perfume-heavy oils should be avoided. It is also possible to benefit physically from massage. Physical activity is scarce in the first months of a baby’s life. The benefits of massage include increased blood circulation, muscle tone, and growth. By leaving the baby out in the sun for about ten minutes after a massage, Vitamin D is formed, aiding bone development and preventing diseases like rickets. But do not leave the baby too long in the sun, as it may cause sunburn. Avoid direct sunlight on the baby’s head and face.

Bathing and Hygiene Practices for Baby Care

It is a good idea to remove rings and other such items before massaging and bathing the baby in order to avoid causing injuries. Make sure your nails are short. You should use simple stroking movements and not pull too hard on the baby’s arms and legs. Movements should be smooth and rhythmic. Massage should not be performed on the head or face. The umbilical cord region should be taken care of during the first few weeks after birth. If the baby has a fever or disease, he or she should not be massaged. Consult your doctor before making any decisions.

Taking care of your baby and giving them a daily bath and massage can be a wonderful way to communicate, which eliminates the need for words. These are moments you will cherish for the rest of your life.