The Cool Baby Clothes Brands In-The-Know Moms Actually Shop For

As someone who doesn’t have kids, I rarely pay much attention to the aesthetic of children’s clothing. Sure, I’ll shriek at the occasional animal-themed onesie, however, it wasn’t until a recent conversation with my sister (who gave me the gift of being an aunt) that I learned just how sparse ‘cool’ baby clothes can be. Admittedly, it feels odd to me to classify anything a baby does or wears as cool. Also, I can imagine that finding stylish clothes ranks lower on the priorities list when raising a child because, I’ve seen it firsthand, it’s exhausting. But despite all of my naysaying, it turns out that many mothers I know do, in fact, enjoy dressing their children in cute, curated attire.

Naturally, style and taste preferences differ from person to person but in the case of my sister (and squishy nephew Callan, shown below), the search for items that don’t lean into gender stereotypes too heavily is important. Instead, she was looking for more neutral options that fit with her own sense of style. In other words, if you don’t want to dress your son in a graphic dinosaur outfit or your daughter in all pink, where do you shop? Turns out, upon further investigation, there are a number of great brands where this sort of thing can be achieved.

Turning to tastemakers in the fashion and maternal wellness industry, I asked the eight stylish mothers below where they go when they’re looking for childrenswear (and also asked them to share a cute photo of their little one because why not?). Continue ahead to discover a few brands you may not have heard about before, and if your baby has outgrown their ‘cool’ pieces, consider donating to a national or local drive such as Pickup Please.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Ryan Norville, Floral Designer

“One of my favorite brands to shop for my son is SmitnBebe,” Floral Designer Ryan Norville tells TZR. “It is a small Canadian-based brand that produces unique but adorable pieces that work great as unisex options and they also produce larger sizes in their most popular styles for Mommy+me options.” Among her favorite styles are their sweatsuits and floral motif pieces. “My son doesn’t care about clothes yet but they make for the best photo ops,” she adds.

Holly Liss Jammet, CEO & Founder of Enlisst

Enlisst CEO & Founder Holly Liss Jammet turns to a handmade brand based in Florence, Italy that was started by her former Helmut Lang colleague, Kyoko. “I’m obsessed with knitted baby shoes and accessories line Fraktals,” she says. “The color combos and shoe shapes are so chic, and I love knowing she has made each pair by hand. A very special gift to give any kiddo that you can’t find anywhere in the states.”

Whitney Tingle, Sakara Life Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Courtesy of Whitney Tingle

“One of my favorite kids brands right now is Mon Coeur,” Sakara Life Co-founder and Co-CEO Whitney Tingle tells TZR. “It was founded by a fellow mom entrepreneur and I love that they make kinder clothing for kids on the basis that the planet comes first. It is just as cute as it is sustainable!”

Leah Melby Clinton, Co-founder & Editor of In Kind magazine

Courtesy of Leah Melby Clinton

In Kind Co-founder and Editor Leah Melby Clinton asks herself — would I want to wear it? — when picking out clothes for her daughter, Allegra. “I can only assume the wildly stylish founders at Maisonette felt likewise because their in-house brand of apparel, Maison Me, is basically shrunken down versions of the sort of tops, sets, and dresses I’d happily wear myself,” she says. “They know it, too, since they have a lot of matching mommy-and-me options.” Cuteness factor aside, the price-point is also a draw. “It’s more than your mall brands, but it’s also not eye-wateringly expensive,” she adds. “I’m okay with investing in a few pieces I love for her and doing laundry more frequently, but there’s still a price line I can’t stomach crossing (like $100 — what?!).”

Brittany Hurdle Ewing, Fashion & Beauty Press & Marketing Consultant

“For the kiddos’ everyday clothes, I usually find myself shopping at Primary and H&M’s conscious section,” consultant Brittany Hurdle Ewing tells TZR. “H&M is working towards using 100% sustainability sourced materials by 2030. I want to know more details on this as it’s rather vague on their site, but I do applaud the shift.” Another project she’s been working on recently is with ODDOBODY, a cotton underwear brand for women that’s releasing a children’s collection this fall. “Without giving too much away, it’s progressive in terms of the verbiage used to speak to children in addition to being ethically-crafted and chic,” she says. “It’s something I haven’t seen before and I look A LOT — zero clichés happening there.”

Jane Kim Roggen, Business Strategy Consultant

Courtesy of Jane Roggen

For consultant Jane Kim Roggen, Pehr checks off all the boxes of what she’s looking for in a children’s brand. “I love that it’s female-founded (two childhood best friends) and a female-led company working with ethical manufacturers and artisans,” she tells TZR. “Everything from the design and fit is perfection. There is a thoughtful decision that goes into each collection and it makes each piece so special.”

Britt Maren, Mama, Model & Blogger

Courtesy of Britt Maren

Minibrook is where model and blogger Britt Maren goes for comfortable, handcrafted, and sustainable essentials for her son Dylan. “He has been wearing his MiniBrook drop shoulder hoodie and harem pants nonstop,” she tells TZR. “It’s such a cool look, not to mention, super soft — I wish it came in my size!” Maren also shares that Minibrook donates a portion of all proceeds each quarter to a non-profit organization whose mission is focused on serving and uplifting youth.

Marcella Kelson, Maternal Wellness Expert

“I love UK-based Mori because on top of the fact that it’s sourced from organic and sustainable materials, their clothes are the softest and stretchiest you’ve ever felt,” Maternal Wellness Expert Marcella Kelson tells TZR. “The quality and durability is unbeatable. This is one brand that I feel so good about dressing my son in every day.” Her favorite pick at the moment? “We live in their pajamas and sleep sacks, which go up to age 4.”