The Boon Grass Drying Rack Makes Cleaning Baby Bottles Easier

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A baby bottle drying rack may not be at the top of your shopping list, but we’re here to tell you that it will make your life so much easier. If you have a newborn or toddler, you probably find yourself spending much of your day handwashing bottles, sippy cups, pump parts, and pacifiers. And then you need those items to dry quickly so you can use them all over again. According to over 6,500 Amazon shoppers, the solution is the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

With a grass-style design up top and a water-collecting tray underneath, this drying rack will keep all your baby-related items in place and help them quickly dry off. You can also purchase tree-like stands that attach to the drying rack to hold smaller items like baby bottle caps and pacifiers and make room for larger items on the rack itself. 

“Drying bottles and keeping them clean is something you don’t want to have to think about with a newborn,” one reviewer wrote. “This does the trick, making it so easy. Get it, you’ll be glad you did.” 

Another wrote: “It looks so cute in your kitchen and doesn’t immediately look like it’s some weird contraption for drying bottles. Easy to clean completely and will last for years. Buy the twig that is sold separately, you’ll need it for the nipples and such to save space.”

One shopper added that this drying rack comes in handy for more than just baby bottles and accessories. “[It] holds our adult Hydro Flasks to dry when it’s not full of pump parts.” 

You already have enough to worry about with a new baby or an active toddler, so don’t let waiting for bottles to dry stress you out. As one reviewer said, this drying rack is “a must-have for parents,” and we have to agree. Shop the drying rack and tree attachments below. 

Buy It! Boon Grass Countertop Baby Bottle Drying Rack, $12.99 (orig. $14.99); 

Buy It! Boon Drying Rack Accessory Twig and Poke (Pack of 2), $8.99;