The 24 Best First-Time Mom Must-Haves of 2023

Babies are simple creatures, but—wow—do they need a whole lot of gear. Well-meaning friends and family are quick to chime in with lists of items you must have once baby arrives, but they often fail to mention key details. Sure, you need a stroller—but with so many (vastly different) options out there, how do you know which type to get? When they say to buy a bouncer, do they clue you in on the key features babies love? And what about the other items you didn’t even think of—like a slow cooker, couch slipcovers or a handheld vacuum cleaner?

Fret not; The Bump is here to help. Whether you’re starting a registry from scratch or simply picking up a few last-minute items, we’re sharing the new-mom essentials that will help you get through that amazing (but stressful) first year with baby. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on must-haves for new moms and shop our favorite, parent-approved products.

We get it—motherhood comes with a lot of change. To help make your first year with baby a little bit more seamless, we’ve rounded up the best products for new moms, ranging from baby gear to household essentials. We considered several factors when choosing items, including ease of use, quality and durability and value, to name a few. What’s more, we read user reviews to get the low-down on how these products have worked for new moms, and didn’t consider anything with less than an average four-star rating. And since many of us are also parents, we relied on our writers’ and editors’ experience using these products with their own families.

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