Tan France Will Only Dress His Future Baby in Black Onesies

Tan France Plans to Dress His Baby in Exclusively Black Onesies: ‘So Chic’
Tan France. Courtesy of Express

It was a pretty safe bet that Tan France’s future son would be the best-dressed baby around, but after chatting with the 38-year-old Queer Eye star, Us Weekly can confirm that little one will be making a style statement from day one! 

France, forever the fashion icon, doesn’t plan to deck out his boy in designer frocks galore — oh no. Instead, he’s already prepped a monochromic wardrobe that epitomizes polished practicality. 

“I have famous friends who wear designer clothes most of the time. So, they keep asking, ‘Oh, what designer are you going to put the kid in?’ Well, I’m not,” the Next in Fashion host exclusively tells Us. 

Rather than stocking up on mini-sized Fendi, Gucci and Dior clothes for tiny tots, France made the resolution to give his baby boy, who he is welcoming via surrogate with husband Rob France, a minimalistic aesthetic — complete with exclusively all-black onesies! 

“I understand that the baby is going to puke and poop constantly, so I think it’s a complete waste of money to spend a fortune on kids’ clothes. However, I do want my baby to look chic,” he explains to Stylish. “All I’ve purchased up until now is a bunch of black onesies. I want my boy to be in black onesies for the first few months — it’s going to be so chic.” 

France adds: “Black is my favorite color. Why would you not put a baby in black? It’s gorgeous.” 

While the British fashion designer has certainly been giving thought to his son’s style, he’s also been busy creating his own post-pandemic wardrobe. 

Tan France Plans to Dress His Baby in Exclusively Black Onesies: ‘So Chic’
Courtesy of Express

During the onset of COVID-19, the star admittedly “embraced” wearing sweats and laidback outfits. But when France went back to filming Queer Eye, it was time to kick his wardrobe into high gear. 

“I understand the value of what nice clothes can do for my self-esteem and my general vibe. I feel happier when I look better,” he tells Stylish. 

To help others do the same, he partnered with Express to create a TikTok challenge, dubbed #ExpressReentry, that prompts users to show off their best looks for returning to a new normal. 


Show me your re-entry style! Check out the rules, use my sound + @Express #ExpressReentry #ExpressContest to see how you can win a $200 gift card!

♬ #ExpressReentry – Tan France for Express

“I don’t expect you to go from sweats to a tuxedo or ballgown. Keep some of those elements. I’m keeping some of my looser fitting jeans and my looser fitting tops — I’m not going straight into uncomfortable, impractical clothes,” France emphasizes, sharing that for his inaugural TikTok he opted for a casual bomber jacket and matching khaki pants. 

While he doesn’t anticipate TikTok users to be slipping into Oscar-level attire, he will be on the lookout for creative outfits. Impress the Queer Eye star enough, and he may even drop a comment on your video! 

Those that get his stamp of approval will also be gifted a $500 Express gift card. 

“I want people to give me something that I haven’t seen a thousand times before … The thing that I love about style on TikTok is that people are so playful with what they’re putting on their bodies,” he says to Stylish. 

France, who has been on TikTok for the last few months, has even picked up a few styling tips from the social media platform. 

“There was this boy who singed the bottom of his jeans with a lighter and it created this incredible effect,” he recalls. “Now, I’m not suggesting people burn their clothes because it’s dangerous, but this kid did it responsibly and it was a really cool look … I definitely want to try it soon.” 

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