Summer Walker Responds To Comments And Concerns About Her Baby’s Health

Summer Walker Responds To Comments And Concerns About Her Baby’s Health
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Earlier this week, singer and songwriter Summer Walker trended on social media after sharing a set of photos of herself holding her infant daughter. She kept the child’s face covered, as she has kept her hidden from view since her daughter was born in late March, but that didn’t keep people from speaking on the baby’s appearance.


The images grabbed a lot of attention as people had things to say about the baby’s weight, questioning what the star was feeding the child and expressing some concern, as well as some cruelty in their comments. Walker responded by making it clear that she wouldn’t be sharing her daughter with the public in the future.

“y’all: ‘POST THE BABY B—H. WE WANNA SEE!’ also y’all: Roasting a baby who’s [sic] face you can’t even see. lol make it make sense,” she wrote in an Instagram Story. “In conclusion, mf’s is weird and I will never post my baby so stop asking.”

The star also took to her Stories to say “Diva mode activated” and that “Pictures, hugs, casual chats” with fans were officially canceled with her (or “Deadianna” as she put it).

When it comes to nourishment for kids, she has called out the traditional diets people have for their babies in the past, and advocated for making formula from scratch if women aren’t able to breastfeed. She took to Instagram before to say fruits and vegetables for children is the best way to go.

“Y’all weird for even giving babies that processed government s–t. Throw some real fruit / veggies in a blender and give it to them,” she wrote. “revisiting cause [people] kept saying it’s too expensive.”

“A pear 43 cent, Similac is 32 to 36 dollars. I don’t understand,” she added when a commenter said not everyone can afford fresh fruit. “A bowl of fruit for the child would still cost less than formula for the week. To feed the child daily $1.67, Meal 1 pear 43 cent, Meal 2 apple 74 cent, Meal 3 peas 50 cent, $11.69 weekly. And they drink water so it’s cheaper. $23.38 for 2 weeks.”

For a new mom, this kind of criticism can be a lot. We’re hoping Walker is protecting her peace and focusing on caring for her baby as opposed to letting the comments of strangers, those not delivered with care that is, worry her.

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