Stoughton mom gives birth in Boston highway traffic, Dad delivers baby

A father delivered a baby on his own in a breakdown lane on Interstate 93 Thursday. Both the mother and child are in good health and resting at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

“The boy’s name is Zavier and he decided to come on the southeast expressway in Milton a few weeks early,” a Milton firefighter John Wells told WCVB.

The Stoughton family got stuck in traffic on their way to the hospital as the mom was in labor with her third child.

“It’s a lot of chaos on the expressway, especially on the day-to-day when there’s a lot of traffic,” Wells said to WCVB. “Logistically getting ambulances out to the highway can be busy and can take some time.”

Deciding to pull over, the father delivered the baby and emergency crews arrived soon after. An ambulance from South Shore Hospital happened to be driving by, according to WCVB and helped with cutting and clamping the umbilical cord.

Firefighters then brought the baby to another nearby ambulance. Soon after, they laid the mom on a stretcher and took them to the hospital. They are both doing well.

“As a parent, I think any parent just wants to know the baby’s healthy and that mom’s healthy so that’s the end result, we got what we needed,” Wells said.