Stamford kid clothing mart reopens with bigger selection, more space, in-person shopping

The six-year-old non-profit, which gives new and gently used clothes to local families, has undergone a small transformation. Most notably, Clothes To Kids moved its operations from the West Side’s Yerwood Center to the South End’s Lathon Wider Community Center.

The shift was painful at first — Executive Director Elaine Rubinson said it was difficult to leave the space that birthed Clothes To Kids — but the new, second-floor facility at the community center comes with its perks.

The Lathon Wider space is made up of two gargantuan rooms: one for storage and the other for customers.

The “store,” where patrons can browse for clothes alongside a Clothes To Kids personal shopping volunteer, is technically two separate spaces. Clothing racks fill one, full of jackets and T-shirts and jeans. A smaller room pained baby pink is full of shoe shelves, a new addition to the Clothes To Kids operations. Rubinson explained that there was only space for a handful of rows in the original location.

“This was a really great move for us even though it didn’t feel like that at the time,” she added.

The new location isn’t the only change. For more than two years, the non-profit has provided curbside service only. So instead of the guided browsing sessions that the organization prioritized before the pandemic, Clothes To Kids’ about 25 volunteers packed sacks full of clothes for people to pick up.