Spring/Summer 2021 fashion trends : the standout pieces, accessories and colors

What are the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2021? What are we going to wear? Which are the best pieces and accessories that we should invest in? Never fear. Vogue has compiled a list of seasonal essentials. 

What are the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2021 ? 

On the catwalks, staged physically or digitally, the Spring/Summer 2021 collections were centered around the essentials, offering solutions to the current world situation. This gave rise to a more “human” version of fashion, less extravagant, anchored in the desire to help the planet whilst continuing to dream. First on our list? Clothes with 1990s influences including low-rise jeans, as well as nautical details, which echo our dreams of escape. Other trends include a breath of 1970s air, and a new college wardrobe. Here are our thoughts:

What are the star pieces of Spring/Summer 2021? 

There are multiple options, between the trends already flaunted by influencers at fashion events and professional fashion research… We’re here to help you decide.


For summer 2021, long dresses are on trend, available in maxi (and sustainable) versions. Opt for bohemian style or baby doll dresses, and even the famous smock dress for a bit of nostalgia. 


American influences have set the tone for jacket trends this season. A wardrobe essential, the timeless denim jacket is gaining in popularity, while the bomber jacket adds a sportswear chic allure to our look.

Jeans and pants

Back to the nineties: it’s the era of low-rise jeans and baggy pants are making their comeback. Jeans and pants are shifting towards a retro vibe, with 1970s detailing (patchwork and tie-dye),  For jeans and pants, the wardrobe is shifting towards a retro vibe, with 1970s details (patchwork and tie-dye), the come-back of stirrup pants and the split pant trend.


After the appearance of bermuda jeans as the ultimate summer essential, denim shorts seem to be regaining ground thanks to fashion houses and trendy labels. Sexy and practical, they are still a safe summer bet. 


The starting point of a look, a top can sometimes be overshadowed by more daring pieces. It’s sometimes better to adopt good basic pieces, such as a white t-shirt or a striped shirt to perfect the Parisienne allure.


This season’s swimsuits are going to light up our summer, perfect for party girls, for 1990s nostalgics or for vintage addicts. Brands are taking steps towards sustainability, whilst designs are inspired by travel, vintage, and the energy of festivals. 

What shoes will we be seeing everywhere? 

An essential accessory for any look, Vogue has compiled a list of shoes to wear this Spring/Summer 2021. 

Timeless pieces

Vintage shoes are making their come-back. Expect to see ballet flats, loafers, and clogs. The star shoes of this season are a breath of fresh air and are regaining their fashion status. The main inspiration ? The 1970s. 


Sandals have it all: flat, comfortable, stylish. This summer, fisherman sandals are making their come-back, as well as a selection of flat sandals which you can wear for many summers to come.


Sneakers will never go out of style. With their roots in sportswear, designers riff on these classics every season, becoming highly desirable and contemporary items. 

What accessories to wear to upgrade a look?


Whilst the timeless basket bag is still going strong, other styles have started to shape the trends for this summer. Individual styles by modern labels and fashion houses are breaching new territory, still loyal to impeccable standards of craftsmanship and creativity. 


A hat is a perfect memento of a sun-drenched summer, much like the basket, and is a sure-fire summer fashion essential. Make sure you go for a gold straw style, designed by one of these lovely brands. 


Fashion statement or style basic? An essential accessory for sunny days, sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes. Find them in XXS and all-black, with chic allure or with alien vibes in a form of mask. 

The trendiest colors and prints for 2021


A few pops of colour are emerging, rising up against the monochrome and minimalist trend, and welcoming a wave of optimism for summer. Our favorites? Baby pink and yellow (named Pantone color of the year!).


Fashion is inherently nostalgic. The ultimate proof? Retro prints are making their come-back, including bandana print and tie-dye. This 1970s aura is set to dominate fashion this season and to bring an air of much-needed liberty to our wardrobes. 

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Translated by Maria Atallah and Isabella Martin