Soha Ali Khan-Kunal Khemu on parenting: Journey is even more rewarding when both play equal role

Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu

Soha Ali Khan-Kunal Khemu on parenting

Celebrity parents Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu are encouraging parents to be equally involved for their baby’s healthy and happy development, saying that the journey of parenting is even more rewarding when both play an equal role. “Becoming a parent is a beautiful feeling and the journey is even more rewarding when both play an equal role. No dad-duty and mom-duty, just a profound sense of responsibility, love, and care for your baby,” says Soha, mother to little Innaya. The duo has collaborated with Pampers for their new campaign called ‘#ItTakes2’ that aims to spark a positive change and strengthen the movement in support of equal parenting.

Adding to it, a proud dad, Kunal says: “The journey of parenting starts even before you hold your little one for the first time. The day our little girl was born was a moment of pride for me as it was the day, I went from being a man to being a dad. I promised her that I, together with her mum, would raise her to be a strong, happy, and healthy girl.”

While equal parenting has a more profound impact on shaping a child’s life when both partners are involved throughout, a study by Nielsen reveals that 84 per cent of fathers in India believe that taking care of a baby is primarily a mother’s role.

However, in recent years, men have started playing a more nurturing role in parenting. In a joint study published by top Ivy League Colleges in London, researchers found that children, whose fathers were more engaged in the initial months, performed better in cognitive tests at two years of age.

The brand released a film, featuring Soha and Kunal, seeded with moments of realisation stressing the fact that while raising a baby is a beautiful journey, the involvement of both parents is important for a baby’s wholesome development.

Soha states: “Having walked this path with Kunal, I can confidently say that #ItTakes2 for a child’s complete growth and development. I am proud to join this movement by Pampers and pledge for equal parenting. It is truly a reflection of the parenting beliefs we value most in our journey towards raising our little baby girl.”

Kunal added:”Taking the pledge for equal parenting by Pampers I believe that #ItTakes2 to raise your child to embrace the world and I would not trade that for anything. I also encourage fathers to take the pledge and not miss out on this beautiful journey.”

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