‘Sharenting,’ and what it is

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) — Have you ever looked for advice or tips when raising a young child? A new fad called “Share-nting” has helped parents, where parents share what they’ve learned to help others raise their kids.

From the time kids are born, they are constantly developing. From crawling to walking to potty-training, it feels like it never ends.

A new poll from the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital finds 4 out of every 5 parents take to social media to discuss parenting topics.

“It’s really helpful because for many parents, they don’t have that experienced family member or close friend right by, so social media offers a level of convenience,” said Sarah Clark, with the University of Michigan.

Clark says it can be hard for parents to remember everything a pediatrician tells them on visits.

“Also, these topics come up in between visits. So, parents turned to social media as another way to supplement that information,” Clark said.

Clark says parents with kids between 0 and 4 years old use social media to help get advice, getting ideas for things like discipline, eating, preschool and more. But. there are some things you shouldn’t use social media to help you decide.

“We were happy to see that relatively few parents — only about 11% — said that they were using it to decide whether to take their child to the doctor, and we would not recommend social media for that purpose,” Clark said.

Clark says not to use social media as a substitute for conversations with the doctor, and be aware that some things on social media might be fake.

“Unfortunately, there is an issue with people putting out either false information or information to garner attention, and sometimes monetary incentives,” Clark said.

Lastly, think about something carefully before you post.

“Before posting, think about: Are you giving enough to describe the situation where you want someone else’s advice without giving away too much personal information?” Clark said.