Red Headbands, Bows, & Other Accessories To Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s

When dressing up your baby for their first Valentine’s Day, why not adorn them with some accessories that scream, “I love you!”

When it comes to celebrating a baby’s first Valentine’s Day, parents want to try to way to get their little ones in on the festivities, and what better way to do that than with adorable accessories?

Parents used to be limited to purchasing a fancy dress or a onesie that proclaimed it was the baby’s first Valentine’s Day. Those days are long gone! Now, between Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, or other small business shop sites, entrepreneurs are using their creativity to develop accessories for Valentine’s Day and other holidays that are unique and handcrafted and cannot be found in larger chain stores.

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Here are some festive accessories to adorn babies with when celebrating their first Valentine’s Day.

7 Headband Bows

Headband bows are the perfect accessory for a baby's first Valentine's Day
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What infant girl does not look adorable wearing a headband bow? It is the perfect accessory that ties together any outfit. And, if choosing ones that are in the colors of solid red, pink, or white, they can be used for everyday wear, making them an accessory to use year-round.

6 Bibs

Valentine's Day bibs are a perfect accessory for baby's first Valentine's Day
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Babies wear bibs with every outfit either when eating or as a necessity when drooling. As such, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with a festive bib? Yes, it will need to be washed as soon as it is used, but your little Cupid will be handsome as can be, even with a bit of food on his face!

5 Diaper Covers

Diaper covers are a perfect accessory for a baby's first Valentine's Day
via Instagram/sirroninfluffybutt

Little ones do not like to wear clothing if at all possible. If a baby is going to lounge around in her diapers, then why not cover them in a Valentine’s Day-themed diaper cover?

With a variety of diaper cover patterns, they are appropriate for both little boys or girls. The only problem that you might have with purchasing these is limiting yourself to a couple!

4 Suspenders

Suspenders are a great accessory for baby's first Valentine's Day
via Instagram/macmommydesigns

Suspenders are an accessory that not many would think of dressing their baby up in for their first Valentine’s Day, but they are one that makes a statement for sure!

In shades of red, pink, hearts, and more, there is sure to be a pair of accessories for every personality type. And the best part, while they make a little guy look dapper, they are perfect for little girls as well.

3 Pacifier Clip

Pacifier clips make a great accessory for a baby's first Valentine's Day


Pacifier clips are a great way to keep track of a little one’s pacifier, but they also act as an accessory. After all, how many pacifier clips clash with a baby’s outfit when parents take them out and about?

From designs ranging from solid colors, to “xoxo,” heart beads, and more, there is something for everyone to display a bit of Valentine’s cheer for a first Valentine’s Day.

2 Shoes

Shoes are a great accessory for baby's first Valentine's Day
via Instagram/ redlollipopboutique

Shoes are not a necessity for babies by any stretch. However, with little knit shoes that act more like socks, they make a fantastic accessory for a baby’s first Valentine’s Day.

Many of these knitted shoes come in colors that are not necessarily Valentine’s Day oriented, though they may have a heart or other emblem sewn into the shoe. As such, they can be worn throughout the wintertime, making for snuggly warm feet for a baby.

1 Teether

Teethers make great accessories for baby's first Valentine's Day
via Instagram/ jas_inthecity

It may not be an accessory, per se, but babies do not go anywhere without a teether. Therefore, it really does act as an accessory to their daily outfits.

For Valentine’s Day, there are a multitude of different designs to choose from that have been hand-crafted by small business designers. With beads and wood made from non-toxic materials, these teethers are great not only to make a statement for Valentine’s Day but every other day as well.

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