Places to shop for gender-neutral baby and kids’ clothes

The idea of raising your child with a gender-neutral mindset is becoming more and more popular these days aiming to rid decades-old stereotypes and allow people to feel comfortable in their bodies from a young age.

If you’re interested in this style of parenting, or at least want to see what it has to offer, we’ve scoured the internet for the best places to shop for gender-neutral baby clothes. Whether you’re shopping for your child, or for a gift, these 13 sites offer a great selection of gender-neutral baby clothing.

1. Pact


Credit: Pact

Pact is the brand most people think of when asked about “gender neutral” clothing options for kids, as they’re very popular.

Prices: $$
Sizes: NB to 10 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 60 days
At pretty affordable prices, this sustainable retailer has a good variety of gender-neutral clothing options for kids up to size 10. All of the baby and kids’ clothing are clumped together so you can sort it by size, not by gender. Pact only works with Fair Trade Certified factories to ensure safe working conditions, uplift the communities nearby, and protect the overall environment. Granted, there isn’t a ton to choose from, but the thought still counts.

Shop Pact

2. Primary


Credit: Primary

With the cheapest prices out there and a commitment to gender inclusivity, Primary should be your new primary kids’ retailer.

Prices: $
Sizes: NB to 12 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 90 days
Primary has great kids’ fashion from sizes 0 to 12 at reasonable prices. It doesn’t categorize anything by gender and most of the clothing options come in a wide variety of color options so that your baby will have the perfect option just for them. Every type of clothing you could possibly need—even swimwear and jackets—is available here and perfect for any and every baby.

Its company description really tells a lot about who it is and how good its intentions are: “Years ago, when we were shopping for our own kids’ clothing, we found a lot of things that didn’t make sense: Pink for girls, blue for boys… So we built a brand that rewrote the rules: Every color for every kid. With no labels and no slogans. Super soft and sustainable fabrics, for clothes that all play together…” You can’t argue with that kind of logic.

Shop Primary

3. Beya Made


Credit: BeyaMade

BeyaMade makes clothes that are meant to “grow” with your kid, through straps, snaps, and buckles. Ingenious!

Prices: $$
Sizes: 3 months to 4T
Return/Exchange Policy: Email the company within 30 days of receipt to resolve the issue
These baby clothes are made to last—which you can’t say about many other brands. Beya Made promises, “If our clothes don’t hold up to normal wear and tear…just send them back to us and we’ll repair them for you! No questions asked.”

The founder of Beya Made wanted to make a collection of baby clothes that would adjust as your child grows, so you wouldn’t have to constantly buy new clothing and get rid of the old ones. The clothing comes with straps, snaps, and buckles so even if they’re long on your kid when you buy them, you can shorten them initially and then let them down as they grow.

Shop Beya Made

4. Boody


Credit: Boody

Affordable, sustainable, comfortable, and adorable. What more could you want?

Prices: $
Sizes: NB to 18 months
Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days
So get this: cheap baby essentials—made from bamboo? That’s what Boody is. All of Boody’s clothes are made from organically grown bamboo and produced ethically and sustainably.

Basically, they grow bamboo, harvest it, put it in a recycled liquid solution to soften it, then dehydrate it to extract the bamboo pulp. Once they have that bamboo pulp, it’s dried into flattened sheets, which are then ground into a “soft, feathery material,” which is then spun into a yarn that is used to knit the garments. How many other brands go through that much effort in making their clothes? While there aren’t that many options to choose from, they are all highly rated, very inexpensive, and extremely comfortable.

Shop Boody

5. Monica and Andy

Monica and Andy

Credit: Monica And Andy

This retailer may be “accidentally” gender inclusive, but they have a lot of cute clothes for affordable prices.

Prices: $$
Sizes: NB to 8 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 90 days
Monica and Andy seemingly has it all—clothes for ages 0 to 8, gender-neutral nursery products, stuff for mom, and a bundles section with things like a baby starter box that has all the essentials you’ll need when you first have your baby. They even have a section for baby gift sets, so you don’t have to put any effort into shopping for that baby shower coming up.

While it looks like it’s not intentionally gender-neutral—there’s a whole Gender Reveal shop—the clothes are cute and sure to please all types of kids (and parents).

Shop Monica and Andy

6. Tiny Cottons

Tiny Cottons

Credit: Tiny Cottons

Tiny Cottons has a lot of really adorable prints and clothes, including sandals, from newborn babies all the way up to 12-year-olds.

Prices: $$
Sizes: NB to 12 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 14 days
Ethically made with quirky designs, Tiny Cottons sells a lot of cute clothes for all gendered babies. We love the inclusion of sandals in the collection, as well as this adorable cotton duck sweater. Take a peek at the selection and you’ll be surprised by the adorable options available for babies, toddlers, adults, and even for your home.

Shop Tiny Cottons

7. Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret

Credit: Polarn O. Pyret

This Swedish retailer has a lot of variety when it comes to winter-wear, as well as other baby essentials at inexpensive prices.

Prices: $
Sizes: NB to 12 years
Return/Exchange Policy: before 30 days for a full refund
There’s a surprising amount of variety on Polarn O. Pyret. There are options for unisex baby clothing from 0 to 12 months, but also options for preemies, which is rare.

As a Swedish-based company, it specializes in winter wear so there are wool neck warmers, balaclavas, suspenders, bandanas, and bucket hats galore—along with typical baby clothing like shirts, onesies, overalls, etc. You probably won’t see any other baby at your local daycare wearing these items since it’s not a super well-known retailer. But if you’re interested in affordable, sustainable baby clothing that’s made to last, Polarn O. Pyret is for you.

Shop Polarn O. Pyret

8. Bash and Sass

Bash and Sass

Credit: Bash and Sass

This gender-neutral brand of “urban street style and culture” will make your baby the coolest kid at the playground.

Prices: $$$
Sizes: 6 months to 12 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 10 days
Inspired by the founder’s two kids, Bash and Sass is a gender-neutral brand of “urban street style and culture.”

Clothes start at 6 months, but range upwards of 12 years old. I mean, where else can you get your 6-month-old baby Hammer pants? Yes, it’s pricey but absolutely worth it for the fashion and uniqueness of these clothing options.

Shop Bash and Sass

9. Mochi Kids

Mochi Kids

Credit: Mochi Kids

Mochi Kids uses its clothes to raise money and awareness for issues they believe in through adorable designs for kids.

Prices: $$
Sizes: 3 months to 12 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 14 days
Mochi Kids is a small retailer that sources all materials from the U.S. and manufactures all orders through a woman-owned business in L.A. Not only is it sustainable and ethically sourced, but since the founding, the company has used its platform to “raise money and awareness for causes that are important…from racial equity to voting rights to women’s health.”

Currently, offerings include shirts with messages of advocacy and equality like “Stop Asian Hate” or “Black Lives Matter” featuring a smiley face and other cute kid-friendly graphic designs.

Shop Mochi Kids

10. Celinununu


Credit: Celinununu

Celine Dion paired up with the brand Nununu to create Celinununu—a gender-neutral line of fashion-forward kids’ clothes.

Prices: $$
Sizes: NB to 14 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days
Did you know Celine Dion has her own gender-neutral baby clothing brand? Celinununu, made in partnership with Nununu, has Dion bringing her fashion sense to baby clothes.

Everything is pretty reasonably priced for outfits I’d imagine seeing on a catwalk, and there are a ton of unique products and cool designs in this collection. If you want to awaken your baby’s inner goth from a young age, check out Celinununu.

Shop Celinununu

11. Rags


Credit: Rags

This retailer makes rompers called Rags that are notoriously easy for getting on and off your child.

Prices: $$
Sizes: NB to 6 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days
This retailer, which you may have seen on Shark Tank, makes rompers that are super easy to take on and off, and most importantly, are fashionable. The rompers and outfits at Rags are perfect for the hot summer months.

Shop Rags

12. Whistle and Flute

Whistle and Flute

Credit: Whistle and Flute

With super quirky designs and adorable models, you can’t not love these “kawaii” clothes for kids of all genders.

Prices: $$
Sizes: NB to 12 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days
Reminiscent of the Mochi Kids design style, Whistle and Flute has a ton of adorable graphic designs on its gender-less clothing. Its philosophy is, “We believe that fashion should be for everyone. Our clothing can be worn by people of any gender and any age. We aim to make clothing that can be played in and lived in.”

Most of the graphics are of everyday objects, but with smiley faces on them. And did we mention that the company sells identical clothes for adults, so you and your baby can match? Too cute.

Shop Whistle and Flute

13. Tootsa


Credit: Tootsa

Although on the pricier side of things, Tootsa has adorable clothes and “are styled exclusively for children”—regardless of gender identity.

Prices: $$$
Sizes: NB to 10 years
Return/Exchange Policy: 21 days
As they say right upfront, “Tootsa collections are styled exclusively for children, we don’t have separate sections for boys and girls.” The clothes here are not only adorable, but designed to last.

Yes, it’s a little more on the expensive end of things, but there’s a ton of unique designs to choose from, as well as more standard options if you want more general clothing for your baby’s wardrobe. Since Tootsa is a U.K.-based company, you’ll see some terms like “pyjamas” or “trousers” but they ship internationally.

Shop Tootsa

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