Photo of couple in bar sparks debate

An image of a man, woman and baby shared to social media has left the internet divided, with some marvelling at the “hack”, while others were fuming.

It appears the image was first shared to the sub-Reddit, ‘Trashy’ years ago, a place where people dissect whether something is trashy or not.

However, another Reddit user seems to have reignited the debate by re-sharing the photo to the same subReddit just days ago.

In the photo, a man and woman are seen sitting at what appears to be a bar, while the baby hangs in a carrier off the mother’s bar stool.

It is unclear what relation the adults have to the child, though it appears many people assumed they were the baby’s parents.

While many of the comments were displaying a dark sense of humour, some were sincere and critical of the woman.

One person said the image just screams “we don’t care about this baby”, and said the baby falling was only part of the problem.

The photo of two adults with a baby hanging from the back of the woman's chair sparked differing opinions. Source: Reddit
The photo of two adults with a baby hanging from the back of the woman’s chair sparked differing opinions. Source: Reddit

“Like look at the baby’s head pressed against the chair; where is it supposed to exist comfortably for the duration of their meal?

“Why are these people so desperate to forget they have a kid with them that they have to hide it like a coat you don’t want to deal with? They can’t hold the baby in a lap or strap it to one of their bodies or put it in a high chair like parents do?

“The whole thing just screams ‘we don’t care about this baby’, and being that open about it is pretty trashy.”

Another person agreed and said it was “a terrible show of parenting”, while another person argued the photo wasn’t as “trashy” as some were making it out to be.

While someone else said it was a “pretty smart idea, actually”.

“All the actual parents in this thread: you go girl,” someone else said, while others had sympathy for the woman in the photo.

“I think people saw this and thought it’s a mom neglecting her baby so she can get wasted. I saw it as a mom trying to have some lunch while her baby is still sleeping,” they said.

“Maybe there are better options. But sometimes you just make it work.”

While it is not clear whether the two adults in the photo are the child’s parents, one person did point out the blame shouldn’t solely be on the woman.

“May I please point out it’s a couple with a baby?” they said.

“Now I’m not a parent nor an expert so won’t make a judgement whether their handling of the situation is right or wrong, but y’all are so quick blaming her and not him like it’s still the 50s…”

Meanwhile another person had a twisted yet kind of optimistic take on the whole situation:

“It’s probably better to hang the baby on the back of a chair than to leave them in a dumpster,” they said.

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