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Some of the monitors have:

• Built-in lullabies, classical music or various calming noises

• Night vision to prevent fumbling and squinting in the dark for late night check-ups

• Playback of the baby’s night by scrolling through the sleep timeline from the night before and much more

As you probably know by now, these systems can be quite expensive and are definitely more of a personal choice.

It’d be wise to ask her which ones might work out best in her home, so you can use that information when purchasing.

CAN YOU HELP?Our 7-month-old daughter is beginning to try to crawl but mainly scoots around wherever she wants to go. I know she’ll be crawling and then on to actually walking soon. We are first-time parents and want to babyproof our home to make it safer. What are some tips to do this and should we ask her grandparents to do the same?

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