Nature’s One commits to purity and nutritional science

Independent laboratory testing conducted by Pure Market and Healthy Baby Food Organization has confirmed Nature’s One highest purity achievements.

The testing looked beyond nutrition to include metalloids like arsenic and lead, pesticides, environmental toxins, and processing chemicals. Many of these toxins are hidden from the consumer and not considered by government regulations, yet these toxins can have a profound negative impact on a baby’s normal growth and development.

Jay Highman, founder, CEO and president of Nature’s One, said, “From the beginning, it was my guiding principle to use the purest ingredients for the ultimate benefit of a child’s development.

“Nature’s One achieves this by working to eliminate environmental toxins contaminating the food supply. This can only be accomplished by using carefully tested organic ingredients or natural scientific filtration methods.”

Highman said purity has not been an easy journey even when using organic ingredients. 

“We were blindsided by naturally-occurring environmental toxins a decade ago, but as a company we learned how to make our products even more pure.  It is our goal as citizens to be the leader in providing the purest formulas and foods for children. Nature’s One believes purity should be the highest priority along with sound nutritional science.”

Nature’s One owns its nutritional science, manufactures its own products, and sources all of its own organic ingredients.  After investing around $40m in the construction of the world’s first dedicated, Organic Infant Nutritional Facility, Nature’s One is the sole manufacturer of ALL Baby’s Only Organic Formulas, a brand of Nature’s One.