My 8-month old weighs TWO stone & my baby was born looking like a toddler

WE CAN’T help scrolling on TikTok and watching hilarious videos for hours on end but the latest trend has caught our eye – and made us ‘aw!’ with utter cuteness. 

Mums from all over the globe have been sharing clips of their adorable chubby babies under the hashtags #bigbaby and #chubbybaby. 

Julia Linares' daughter weighs 30lbs at nine months


Julia Linares’ daughter weighs 30lbs at nine monthsCredit: @juliaadrift/Tiktok

And we can’t help but be shocked by the size of these adorable little ones! 

So we’ve rounded up these cute huge babies from TikTok – plus their squishy roles and loveable giggles are bound to make you smile….

Mum Brianna Loera shocked her 2,800 TikTok followers when she shared a clip of her ‘big baby’.

And people have been commenting that her six-month-old baby looks like a ‘grown man’. 

The hashtags #bigbaby and #chubbybaby have gone viral on TikTok


The hashtags #bigbaby and #chubbybaby have gone viral on TikTokCredit: @elliegooch6/Tiktok

She wrote in the caption: “When your son is in the 98th percentile!  #6months #chunkybaby.” 

And her fun video – which sweetly poked fun at her little boy’s size – saw the audio singing ‘nope’ to a number of ages including 12 months, 11 months, 10 months and eight months.

Before it was revealed that her cute baby is in fact only six-months-old. 

Briana’s video was met with an array of shocked comments – with social media users left gobsmacked by her son’s real age.

Mama B Harper's four-month-old wears 12-month-old PJs


Mama B Harper’s four-month-old wears 12-month-old PJsCredit: @mamabharper/Tiktok

One wrote: “Same as my daughter at six months – she was 11lbs at birth!”

While another jokingly added: “He can vote! That’s not a baby, that’s a grown man with OK credit.”

A third shared: “He has a license already!”

Elsewhere on Tiktok, fellow mum Erika Silence Weber shared her birth story and revealed the moment she met her 12lbs 6oz baby boy.

Mum Briana's eight-month-old weighs 25lbs


Mum Briana’s eight-month-old weighs 25lbsCredit: @briana_may/Tiktok

She said in the video: “At 37 weeks, I went in for an ultrasound and my son was weighing in at 9lbs 15oz so we scheduled for a c-section.

“I ended up going into early labour the day before the C-section. I still went with the C-section because the doctor highly advised that. 

“And I had a baby that was 12lbs 6oz and he came out of hospital wearing 0-3 month and wearing size 1 diapers. 

“Now he is 6-months-old and wearing 18-month-old clothing.”

Brianna Loera shared a clip of her "big baby"


Brianna Loera shared a clip of her “big baby”Credit: @briannaloera3/Tiktok

Erika’s video was met with a bunch of comments from her 11,200 followers – with many joking that her son looked like a ‘toddler’ when he was born. 


While another joked: “He came out three-years-old!”

Another commented: “My grandma wins lol. She had my uncle via C-section at 15lbs 8oz. She tells the birth story at all parties!”


TikTok user

Fellow TikTok mum Briana has also been sharing fun clips of her adorable kids.

With the hilarious lyrics singing ‘I like them big, I like them chunky’ – the mum appeared in a clip dancing with her little boy.

The words ‘This is my eight-month-old he weighs 25lbs’ was emblazoned across the screen. 

The 2st eight-month-old stunned the mum’s 41,600 followers with his cuteness.

Erika Silence Weber's little one came out weighing 12lbs 6oz


Erika Silence Weber’s little one came out weighing 12lbs 6ozCredit: @erikasilenceweber/Tiktok

One joked: “Is he paying rent yet?”

Another fan added: “I was not expecting him to be so chuuunky. He’s the cutest!”

Elsewhere mum Julia Linares, who shares fun videos on her TikTok channel, posted a clip of her nine-month-old toddler.

She shocked viewers as she revealed her little one weighs 30lbs – which is over 2st. 

She wrote: “9 months & 30lbs of sweet baby yumminess #thickerthanasnicker#9monthsold #chunkybaby.”

Another mum on TikTok showed off her 30lb toddler


Another mum on TikTok showed off her 30lb toddlerCredit: @jackieandadao/Tiktok

With a fun song in the background singing ‘thicker than a snicker’, Julia danced around while carrying her adorable big baby.

One user commented: “Now that’s a big baby!”

While another wrote: “OMG! That baby is bigger than you!” 

We love her adorable bow headband! 

Social media users rushed to comment on the sweet clips


Social media users rushed to comment on the sweet clipsCredit: @joyfulearthhome/Tiktok

Elsewhere Tiktok user Mama B Harper, who has the statement ‘I make big babies and I cannot lie’ on her profile, regularly shares adorable clips of her family online.

She revealed her little girl is in fact – only four-months-old – despite looking a lot older.

She added in the comment section that her four-month-old daughter wears nine-month-old baby clothes and 12-month-old pyjamas. 

Her video went viral, gaining nearly 400,000 views. She then released another video where she answered some questions that viewers were desperate for her to answer. 

Mum Agata's four-month-old wears 18-month-old baby clothes


Mum Agata’s four-month-old wears 18-month-old baby clothesCredit: @czawaleefam/Tiktok

She said: “She is exclusively breast fed and I feed her every three hours, doctor recommended. Her brother was also a chunk at the same age.”

One user commented: “That’s a grown child, ready for college!” 

Meanwhile TikTok user Jackieandadao also shared her ‘chunky bubba’ online.

Her clip, which has gone viral with over 414,000 views, begins with the words ‘the doctors telling me that the average weight of a seven-month-old baby boy is 18lbs…’

TikTok users shared how cute they found the babies


TikTok users shared how cute they found the babiesCredit: @juliaadrift/Tiktok

Then the next clip sees the mum holding her ‘chunky’ toddler, with the words ‘mine being 30lbs instead’ emblazoned across the screen. 

She revealed her seven-month-old son weighs 30lbs and even joked in the comments that ‘her arms need strength’ to carry him. 

She captioned the sweet video: “I love him rolls & all #chunkybaby #hugebaby #babyrolls.” 

A fan commented: “That’s a beautiful chunky baby!”

Another mum revealed her 11-month-old son weighs 32lbs


Another mum revealed her 11-month-old son weighs 32lbsCredit: @kinsmiahkay123/Tiktok

While another revealed: “My son just turned three-months-old and he’s 18lbs. Just had him weighed today. His doctor took one look at him and said, ‘THAT’S A BIG BOY’!”

Mum Ellie Gooch is another proud parent who has been sharing adorable clips of her little one on social media.

One of her most popular TikTok videos, which sees her squishing her baby daughter’s adorable chubby cheeks in time with the music, gained over 27,500 views. 

She captioned the post: “For all those chunky baby lovers!” 

This little boy weighed 30lbs at one year


This little boy weighed 30lbs at one yearCredit: @joyfulearthhome/Tiktok

And mum Agata made her 10,000 followers smile when she shared a clip of her baby boy.

On the video she wrote: “When your four-month-old wears 18-month-old clothing and size 3 diapers.” 

In the comments the mum added that her son weighs just over 20lbs so ‘nothing crazy’ but admits he is still above average for his age.

She wrote: “He’s just extremely long haha!”  

One user commented: “OMG What a cutie!”

Another TikTok user kinsmiahkay123 shares lots of videos documenting her life as a single mum online.

She recently shared an adorable clip of her dancing around with her little boy and viewers couldn’t believe his size. 

She revealed her 11-month-old son weighs 32lbs!

She captioned the clip: “So here’s a video of me jumping with a 32lbs 11 month old.” 

Ellie Gooch has shred clips of her adorable little one


Ellie Gooch has shred clips of her adorable little oneCredit: @elliegooch6/Tiktok

And her followers couldn’t believe it – and many of them admitted how impressed they were that she was able to jump so high while holding her little boy. 

One user commented: “Lol I have a 25lb baby and can hardly walk with her – let alone jump!”

While another shocked follower wrote: “Girl you are so strong! That jump was perfect!” 

And completing our roundup of adorable big babies is TikTok user Joyfulearthhome. 

The mum shared a cute clip of her ‘chunky baby’ online and it was met with lots of love from fellow users. 

She revealed her baby weighed 30lbs by one-years–old and her followers couldn’t get enough of the cuteness. 

The post was captioned: “Born at 9lbs9oz and weighed 30lbs by 1 year.. gained only 2lbs his whole second year of life! #fyp #chunkybaby #babiesoftiktok.”

One user wrote: “Chunky babies are the best. Just saying.” 

Another commented: “Mine was born 10lbs 10oz and he’s now 32lbs at 20-months-old. Love me some chunky babies!”

A third added: “Such a little cutie pie!” 

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