Moms continue to be impacted by baby formula shortage

Some parents in Central Georgia are still scrambling to deal with the baby formula shortage. But there are ways people are getting help.

MACON, Ga. — The baby formula shortage effected parents across the country and left many wondering how they were going to feed their young kids. 

For some Central Georgia parents, the fight is still on. 

“We call Jackson our miracle baby because it took us 7 years to get pregnant,” mother Melissa Brewer said.

It’s been quite a year for Brewer since she welcomed newborn baby Jackson into the world but she also learned some life changing news. 

“This year was going great until May. My husband was diagnosed with brain cancer,” Brewer said.

In addition to life’s challenges, finding baby formula for her child has also been hard.

“For the past four weeks, three to four times a week I get up in the morning and I hit seven to eight stores. I hit seven to eight stores. all the Publix’s Walmart’s, Kroger. It’s not there,” she said.

Brewer says the concern is not just for moms but for their babies as well. 

“It’s something that no mom or no baby has to go through because at the end of the day the babies suffer,” she said.

Right now, she’s getting help feeding her child through Moms Helping Moms: Formula Shortage Donation group. She still tries to practice caution about who she orders formula from.

However, there are other ways for moms to get the formula they need.

“There is a supply chain issue and recalls. Even though they are working to resolve the issue they’re still not quite caught up yet,” Breonna Andrews said.

Andrews works for an organization that works to bridge the gap in the formula shortage.

CQUL and Helping Mamas have partnered to provide no cost formula and diapers,” Andrews said.

These organizations are hoping to take a least one worry off of a new mom’s plate.

“It’s a worry that no mother should ever have to go through,” Brewer said.

Helping Mamas says they serve nearly 80,000 children a year. They’ll make new distribution dates for baby formula supplies in 2023.