Mom creates ‘The Down Syndrome Diary’ to help struggling parents

Creator of ” The Down Syndrome Diary” Jamie Freeman says that she has had a passion for writing since she could pick up a pen. 

Freeman says she did not know the words she wrote in a personal diary seven years ago would help break down barriers in the Down syndrome community.

When Freeman was 16 weeks pregnant with her first child, she discovered that her baby Benny would be born with an extra chromosome. 

“You were given 30 pages of medical information of all the things that are going to be wrong with your child, and essentially, you’re given a document that tells you this child’s life is not going to be worth living,” says Freeman.

Freeman says the moment Benny was born, she fell in love, and six months later, while looking at her baby, an idea came to her. 

“What if me now, as Benny’s mom at six months could’ve sat in a room and held Jamie’s hand at 16 weeks pregnant and told her all the wonderful things that were going to come because of this diagnosis,” said Freeman. 

She then decided to write all of her advice down in a diary before sending it to another mom in need. 

Freeman says because the impact of social media has allowed Freeman to visit over 26 families in 4 different countries, connect with people over zoom, and fill other parents with hope. 

Freeman says she plans to donate copies of her book to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and any other place parents might need this information. 

The creation of ‘The Down Syndrom Diary’ has formed lasting friendships between Freeman and other parents and children. 

Christine Defroy, from North Carolina, says, “These children are beautiful; they bring such joy to our lives and acceptance awareness. It just changes you from the inside out.”

Freeman says she admits that although these moments are priceless, it is still not easy. 

She says now that the book is finished, she feels a rush of release and peace. 

The book is available on Amazon, and all of the proceeds will go towards buying copies and donating them.