Meghan Trainor on gestational diabetes diagnosis: ‘I’m healthy and the baby’s healthy’ | Entertainment

Meghan Trainor insists her baby is “healthy” amid her battle with gestational diabetes.

The ‘No Excuses’ singer revealed recently she has been diagnosed with the condition – which causes high blood sugar to develop during pregnancy, and usually disappears after giving birth – as she is currently expecting a baby boy with her husband Daryl Sabara.

And Meghan has now reassured fans that her condition is “manageable”, and both she and her unborn baby are doing fine.

She told the ‘Today’ show: “Got a little tiny bump in the road – I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but it’s manageable and it’s okay. And I’m healthy and the baby’s healthy. I just have to really pay attention to everything I eat.

“It’s nice to learn so much about food and health, and [it’s] nice to hear that so many women experienced this.”

Meghan, 26, spoke about her gestational diabetes diagnosis late last month, when she said she knew she had to get tested for the condition because it runs in her family.

She said: “My family, we got gestational diabetes in my family, my mom had it for a month while she was pregnant and I mentioned it to my doctor and they tested me and were like, ’Okay, your blood sugars are pretty high’. So I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m sorry – I had a Pop-Tart’ and they were like, ‘It doesn’t work like that but let’s focus on eating the right stuff and working out.’”

But unfortunately, the health scare hasn’t helped to shun any of her cravings, which have all been for sugary foods.

She added: “I just noticed that my whole life I’ve been at nighttime, ‘I want a giant bowl of popcorn, I want Salty Crunch’ and now I’m like, ‘I really want a brownie or like Oreos, sugar…’ and that’s never been me.

“I’m never like, ‘Oh ice cream’, and now I’m like, ‘I want a tub’. Also, like candy – I want a whole thing of Gushers right now.”