Marianna welcomes 850 Nutrition and Atta Baby Boutique | Local

Last year Kayla Prowant Attaway opened 850 Nutrition in Marianna. The business features Herbalife Nutrition shakes and metabolism-boosting teas.

Relax in the bright, joyful café setting and escape with a summer treat. The delicious shakes only have 145 calories and are served in a cup with positive quotes. Sweetened only with Stevia, this is an excellent choice for diabetics because all of their products are low on the glycemic index. “It’s a healthy option for people,” Kayla explained.

I tried the Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake, which tasted like an ice cream milkshake. This was definitely the tastiest protein shake I have tried to date. The Sea-salt Caramel Oreo Cheesecake shake looked delicious, as well. Next, try their iced coffee with a mere 100 calories, 2 grams sugar, and 15 grams protein. Finally, who could resist Kayla’s delicious low-calorie snack replacement donuts!

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Shakes are served with a refreshing stimulant-free, metabolism-boosting tea. The beverage is not the traditional tea you might see in the store. Instead, it comes in flavors like strawberry lemonade. Coach Kayla asks one to consider whether they like sweet or tart candy before selecting. “The teas will give you energy and focus while renewing your digestive system.” If you are feeling dehydrated, try the “Hang Over Tea.” According to Kayla, the number of electrolytes in this tasty tea is equivalent to three sports drinks.

If you are in a hurry, purchase their affordable products and make your treats at home. Kayla explained, “if you make the products at home, you will only spend $2-3 per meal.” She continued, “in the long run, it has saved me money because my grocery bill was cut in half.”

The 850 Nutrition coaches are ready to provide a free consultation to individualize the perfect plan based on needs, whether a client wants to gain, lose or maintain their weight. “We have some clients that are not getting enough vitamins and minerals in their diets,” Kayla continued. “We can help with that as well.”

The café also features a new product called “Fat Release,” which can be used with fatty meals. “It’s a candy, like a pixie stick, that can be eaten in addition to what you are eating, and it will help release all the fats when you have a cheat meal.” However, Kayla pointed out that you don’t want to take Fat Release all the time. “Generally, if you are trying to lose weight, we want you to eat every two to three hours with the right things,” Kayla added.

If you are skeptical of the products, be sure to meet Kayla, who is the picture of good health and lost 72 pounds in six months by replacing two meals a day with a shake and tea, eating healthy snacks, and a nutritional dinner. She is happy to boast that she has maintained her weight loss for two years. Check out her photos in the café! Students in the athletic department of Marianna High School qualify for a 15% discount.

Only months after starting 850 Nutrition, Kayla is opening Atta Baby Boutique within the same building. “I have two kids, and I get tired of buying overpriced items,” Kayla began. “I feel like in the area we are in, we are seeing things that are at a higher price than it should be, and I wanted something that would be cute clothing and affordable, as well.”

Kayla admits that going to the market and finding the right vendors takes time, but she believes it is worth it for the community.

The boutique features clothing sizes in boys’ and girls’ fashions from newborn to 6T. Kayla adds that around the holidays, one might see other sizes. Browse the casual, sports, church, and holiday clothing, and don’t forget to check out the swimwear.

Kayla is excited. “It’s been fun so far. We get to shop a lot!” With so many moms having different ideas of styles for their kids, Kayla is always looking for hot trends. She shared that bellbottom pants for girls and camo styles are popular for boys and girls. Also, watermelon and lemons styles and fabrics are cute for the summer season.

Atta Baby Boutique carries good-quality shoes, too. “We carry a brand called Parkers,” Kayla explained. “They look just like “Hey Dudes,” but are a quarter of the price and better quality.”

The boutique carries infant/toddler teething items and stackables. If you are shopping for your newborn or a baby shower, look at the infant blankets, newborn gowns, and newborn sets. Don’t forget the fashion-friendly pacifiers and holders.

While shopping, look for the universal no-spill lids for snacks and drinks. “They will go on any cup,” Kayla continued. “Instead of buying hundreds of snippy cups, you can buy one of these, and they will fit on any cup you have in your house.” Kayla also has teething items made entirely of medical grade silicone, “not just the pieces, but the entire set.” Kayla added, “The silicone feels really good on their gums.”

Stay alert for a grand opening closer to back-to-school time. Kayla plans to have school items available for all ages, including backpacks.

Everything in the boutique can be found at Everything on the website is available at the boutique. You can order from the website and choose local pickup or shipping. Follow the website to see changes in hours and styles.

Kayla grew up in Clarksville and attended Chipola College. She worked in Marianna for several years before opening her own business. In addition to 850 Nutrition and Atta Baby Boutique, Kayla owns and manages Panhandle Nutrition in Blountstown, which she opened in 2019. Kayla has also been an Herbalife coach for seven years. Kayla and Chance have two children: Beckett and Journey. She has future plans to open a smaller boutique in Blountstown in the future.

What a great family and two great businesses to have in Marianna. The 850 Nutrition Café is open in the Russell Plaza at 4215 Kelson Avenue, Suite C Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Atta Baby Boutique is open Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 2 p.m. Find both businesses on Facebook and Instagram or call Kayla at 850-451-1057. Shop locally and support Marianna’s businesses.