Magnetic baby outfits | ABC4 Utah

Changing babies’ clothes can be an ordeal! Once the clothes have successfully been put on, somehow these tots find a way to take them off. Zippers can snag, buttons can pop open, and snaps are no friend to fussy babes. Fortunately, MagnaWeave has found a solution. Founded by Eliza Kamalu, a mom of two toddlers, MagnaWeave has created an alternative made from magnets that makes it impossible for little ones to talk off and can take minimal effort for parents to put on. Each of the magnets are wrapped in durable plastic and individually sewn on and secured making it impossible for babies to open, but easy for parents to take off.

Kamalu was inspired to create these rompers when she noticed how many outfits her babies would go through each day and realized buttoning and zipping them up in their onesies was half the battle. All parents need to do is line up the magnets and they close themselves! Button up, snapping and zippering can take up too much time and for parents even second is precious.

MagnaWeave, based in Lehi, makes their baby clothing out of an organic cotton blend textile that is soft and breathable. The rompers are stretchy, roomy and comfortable for infants of all sizes. MagnaWeave rompers are gender neutral. Currently, they are available in mint and gray shades and fit sizes 0-18 months.

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