LifeNome on new precision nutrition pregnancy platform

LifeNome recently launched a precision nutrition pregnancy platform called 9Moons. The company said the platform is a response to the need of pregnant women to address their unique prenatal nutrition needs and nutrition-related pregnancy complications that have shot up in recent years.

“Every life starts with a pregnancy and research shows that pregnancy nutrition has a significant impact on the health of the mom and the outcomes of the pregnancy, as well as a lifetime impact on a child’s health and wellbeing. Each pregnancy is unique based on a person’s biology, physiology, and lifestyle and our goal with the 9Moons platform was to provide evidence-based and hyper-personalized nutrition,”​ said LifeNome’s CEO Ali Mostashari, PhD. 

The 9Moons platform includes personalized daily and weekly meal plans, a selection of more than 1000 recipes customizable to each user’s unique nutritional needs and preferences, micro- and macronutrient tracking, personalized recommendations based on each trimester, and the ability to chat with OB/GYNs and nutritionists who can support and answer questions directly. The platform also allows other users like spouses to be involved, making it an experience for the whole family. Once the baby is born, users can track their child’s nutrition for the first 24 months.

In addition to pregnancy, the platform also plans to address two other unique populations: puberty and menopause.  

“This is just on the women’s health side.  We’re also active in other areas of personalized nutrition for chronic diseases, we work on personalized fitness, we work on personalized beauty and all of that relies on the same science of understanding how the body processes different ingredients, how the body’s needs are different across different biological areas,” ​explained Mostashari. “We basically have a vision to be the personalization engine of the planet.”