Kail Lowry Trolled Over ‘Baby Mamas’ Parenting Advice

Kailyn Lowry


The trolls came out for “Teen Mom 2” star Kail Lowry after the May 18 episode aired.

The trolls came out for “Teen Mom 2” star Kail Lowry after the May 18 episode aired. Kail and Vee Rivera offered parenting advice on their podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama,” but not everyone was taking Kail’s suggestions seriously.

One of the top questions Vee and Kail get asked is how they were able to create a solid friendship since they both have a connection to Jo Rivera. Kail shares 11-year-old son Isaac with Jo, and Vee is currently married to him. They also have a child, 6-year-old ViVi.

“You have to come to an agreement with that person and work on a relationship with that person,” Vee told their listeners. “I feel like that’s basically where the core of co-parenting comes from.”

Kail also threw out some advice. “Co-parenting is f***ing hard,” she said. “My biggest advice is don’t have three baby daddies.”

Viewers Poked Fun at Kail

The guidance was ironic since — as most “Teen Mom 2” fans know — Kail has four children with three men. In addition to sharing a son with Jo, she has son Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin and two sons — Lux and Creed — with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

It didn’t take long until fans poked fun at Kail for her tongue-in-cheek advice. The Instagram account Javis Lips was credited with making her into a meme, using a photo from last season where she was crying over the state of her relationship with Chris. It reads: “When you start a podcast called ‘Baby Mamas No Drama’ and you realize you’re the baby mama with the drama.”

The meme shot to the top of the Teen Mom subreddit, garnering more than 1,000 upvotes and dozens of comments. “I literally lol’d. This is so accurate,” the original poster said.

“Her lack of self-awareness is astounding,” one person wrote.

“Anyone else catch Vee cutting her eyes towards Kail during last night’s episode,” another netizen added. “Working with her must be a dream, but Vee also laughs at everything too.”

Kail Got Isaac a Phone Without Talking to Jo

They might have a podcast together, but that doesn’t mean things are always great between Vee, Jo and Kail. The trio shared an intense on-camera moment when Kail revealed she purchased a phone for Isaac without speaking to Jo first.

He was worried about the parental controls and that Isaac might be looking at porn. Jo “worries about him going on PornHub and looking at t**ties,” Vee explained to Kail. “I’m concerned about his exposure,” Jo added.

“Isaac’s not even there yet — trust me!” she responded.

Jo asked if Kail checks his user history and whether Isaac clears it. The “Teen Mom 2” star tried to defend her “last minute” decision, saying Isaac had an iPad with access to the Internet for years and didn’t see how a phone was any different.

“Why am I more scared of this than you are?” Jo said. “I just don’t know how I feel about it and I wish we talked about it first.”

Kail seemed open to the conversation and said she was willing to make changes moving forward.

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