How it pays to learn at an Eau Claire pregnancy center

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – A pregnancy center in Eau Claire has been helping families in the Chippewa Valley for 40 years now, giving moms and dads the opportunity to take home free items such as diapers, baby clothes and even cribs! Those in need are leaving the Apple Pregnancy Care Center with even more than physical items.

The Apple Pregnancy Care Center in Eau Claire provides many services for women, men and families including pregnancy testing, support and education for unplanned pregnancies.

“Apple stands for aiding problem pregnancies with love and encouragement,” explained Executive Director, Melinda Gardner.

She says one of the center’s most impactful features is their earn while you learn program.

“That program has lessons all the way from early pregnancy to all the way after you have your baby and all kinds of things you can learn.”

Each short lesson builds points that can be redeemed for items that may be hard for some families to afford.

“Having a kid is super expensive,” said 17 year old Naraeha Solis.

She has been using the earn while you learn program for two years, and in going each week she says she has built up valuable knowledge and relationships while saving money.

“We have not had to buy diapers in a very long time so it’s been very helpful. This program has helped us save and learn many things,” Solis said.

The clothing, cribs, toys, everything the center has to give, is donated from people in the community. Gardner says it’s been amazing to see how donations have exponentially increased during the pandemic.

“People walk in here everyday with things they don’t need anymore or things they purchased for us, or churches will even hold baby showers for us,” said Gardner.

Recently, they have more donations coming in than patients. Gardner hopes any person in need of support will give them a call.

There are no qualifications that need to be met to take advantage of the services that the Apple Pregnancy Care Center provides. If you wish to contact their office their phone number is 715-834-5254

Or click here to go to their website.

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