How It Can Save Time & Money

There are a few reasons parents may want to consider investing in a portable washing machine specifically for their baby’s clothes and other items.

Many families live in apartments with no laundry facilities (or at least none in unit) and have a hard time dealing with laundry. It is tougher when you have baby clothes to deal with, too. You end up investing lots of your precious time and money in the closest laundromat. But there is a better way to manage your time and money on laundry: a portable washing machine. Here is how a portable washing machine will save time and money on your baby’s laundry.


In-unit laundry facilities are the most convenient laundry option, but they come with higher costs. If you are a budget mommy, you want to live in an affordable apartment and spend even less on your laundry. Knowing just how much clothes babies go through in a day is reason enough to get a portable laundry machine compared to making endless visits to the laundromat.

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According to Reviewed, a portable washing machine is a small and easy to set up washer that you easily hook up on your available sink (bathroom or kitchen). It has two hoses, one for receiving water, and another for draining out the water. It allows you to do your baby’s laundry as often as needed at the comfort of your home while occupying a very small space. Space-saving is a plus when living in a small apartment. You can store the portable washer in the closet after use. According to Alyssa’s review on Business Insider, you might need to presoak any clothes with stubborn stains. For any clothes that need presoaking, you can easily soak them in the washer’s body.

Gain Back Your Time

A portable washer for your baby’s clothes is an attractive option compared to communal laundry. All the time you could spend in a queue waiting to do your laundry or manning your laundry is saved for other gainful activities when you do your laundry in the bathroom. It also gives you the privacy and control you need for your baby’s laundry. This is particularly useful for baby clothes to avoid any contamination or bugs that could potentially result in extra medical expenses.

With a portable washer, you typically leave the water running through the full washing cycle. Since you do not need to watch the washer, you can cook dinner and watch TV as you do your laundry. The Black + Decker washer mentioned on The Strategist featured reviews runs through the entire washing cycle with just one click on a button. According to Amazon reviews on The Strategist, you will be surprised to find that portable washers get the job done at a shorter time than a full-sized machine without compromising the quality of cleaning. With your portable washer, you will not be inconvenienced by laundromat machines that are out of order. No more piling up weeks’ worth of laundry or hauling your pile of dirty laundry to the laundromat.

Cut Back Laundry Expenses

With your portable washer, it means no more paying to get your laundry done, picked, or delivered to you which according to figures mentioned by Molly on Apartment Therapy is a hefty amount. You have a full laundry facility right in your bathroom, free every time except for the water and electricity bills. When you do your baby’s laundry you will also manage your detergent for multiple uses. The best portable washers do not consume lots of electricity; they are energy-efficient. There are also manual portable washers, operated by hands and feet.

With a portable washer, you don’t need to pay the extra cash for an apartment laundry room. You can do your laundry in the bathroom or kitchen. Not to mention that laundry rooms can be disgusting just as they are expensive as mentioned by a Super Deal washer reviewer on The StrategistA portable washer is as effective as a full-sized washing machine but costs a fraction of the price. Some are cheaper than others, but they will also serve you for a long time.

Quality Control

Hired laundry services will not pay any extra attention to clothing materials that need delicate handling. It is better to do the baby’s laundry yourself rather than leave someone else to do it. You will be careful with the delicate clothes to maintain quality. That way, the baby clothes will last longer and maintain their great shape. While you can achieve this by using a laundromat near you, you will have to pay to use the laundromat, and sometimes, the machines are out of order.

Portable washers give you all the control you need. You ensure the highest quality in cleaning the clothes while maintaining the quality of the cloth materials. You no longer worry about bleaching or picking up bedbugs from the public washing machines, or someone stealing your baby clothes which would mean losses and extra expenses.

Portable washers have a smaller capacity compared to full-size washing machines. But if the Giantex Washer review featured on The Strategist is anything to go by, they make up for their low capacity with faster washing time, convenience, and lower acquiring and operating costs. You get your weekends back with a portable washer.

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