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Feature – Baby Bath Towels

Baby bath towels are one of the cutest, most practical accessories you can get for your LO — believe us. After all, bath time can be an adorable photo op… or a slippery, soapy mess (and oftentimes, a bit of both). So, the best baby bath towels have style and function, because not only will they keep your little one warm and dry, they’re also just really cute. Seriously, few things are sweeter than seeing your tiny tot fresh from their baby bath tub, all wrapped up in a snuggly towel, just their face and toes peeking through the fabric.

While the best baby towels are fun to use, they’re also super absorbent and soft. They should be a good size, too: you want something that will grow at least a little bit with a newborn, but isn’t so big that it feels like way too much material to wrap around them. Hooded towels are preferable since they keep Baby’s head warm, which is so important in the early months, especially. And don’t forget to have a stack of washcloths on hand that’s specifically dedicated to cleaning your LO; the best baby washcloths are soft, durable, and gentle on their sensitive skin. (Not only are these really convenient for washing your baby, but they also make excellent burp cloths in a pinch and can be nice to have in your diaper bag, just in case.) From hooded towels with ears to rival any Disney character to classic patterns and picture-worthy prints, we have ’em all. Here’s a look at the cutest, softest, and most absorbent baby towels out there, so grab the bath toys, Mama — it’s time for a scrub!

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Best Baby Towels

This set comes with three super soft towels in coordinating colors for less than $20. Small and lightweight, these are ideal for newborns who are still really tiny rather than older babies. They’re also fairly thin, so they’re really better for the spring and summer when the weather is warmer. They come in a bunch of different colors and patterns, but the classic yellow duck design is too cute to pass up.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

This JJ Cole towel is the perfect size for your little one and is made of a soft terry cloth cotton that is highly absorbent. It comes with a matching washcloth to make life just a little bit easier. This one is definitely on the thicker side, which feels really nice for your LO. Plus, the hood isn’t so large that it’s impossible to use for a tiny newborn.

$12.50 AT AMAZON

A lot of baby towels are on the smaller side so that they’re ideal for newborns, but this one is a bit larger. It’s thick and cozy and it’s made of organic bamboo, so it’s perfect for babies with sensitive skin. It’s incredibly soft and absorbent and is a high-quality towel at a great price point. Plus, the hood with the animal ears? Too cute for words.

$19.88 AT AMAZON

This Copper Pearl towel is sooo soft thanks to a combination of premium knit cotton fabric and terry cloth lining on the inside. The outer cotton is soft and only gets better after each wash, while the terry cloth inside absorbs any hint of moisture. It has a nice-sized hood and even tiny hidden pockets to keep Baby’s hands warm. Users rave about how thick these feel, with one review stating, “This is much more plush and absorbent than most all baby towels on the market.” For a long-lasting, thick towel, this is definitely an excellent option.

$39.95 AT AMAZON

Best Baby Hooded Towels

This adorable caterpillar towel, part of a collaboration with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, is a must-have for Eric Carle fans. Made of 100{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} organic micro cotton, this is a sustainable material that is also unbelievably soft and only gets better with each wash. One of the best things about this towel is how large it is—wide and long, this is great for newborns and older babies, alike.


Ridiculously soft and absorbent, the LouLou Lollipop hooded towel is made of buttery soft muslin fabric on the outside and lined with highly-absorbent bamboo terry cloth. It comes in a generous size that grows with Baby and has a cozy hood and two little hand pockets. Plus, LouLou Lollipop has the most fun patterns, like this one featuring smiling breakfast foods — perfect for a Sunday morning splash!


These Burt’s Bees towels are lightweight and thin rather than thick and fluffy, but they’re still super soft and comfy. The hood isn’t too large or deep for a tiny head, and they’re nice and wide to wrap all the way around your little one. Made of 100{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} organic cotton, the material is breathable, absorbent, and durable, and doesn’t pill after washing.

$24.95 AT AMAZON

Made of 100{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} rayon from bamboo, these soft towels have two layers for an extra plush feel that is great for babies with sensitive skin. These are incredibly thick and will keep your little one warm even on the chilliest of nights. Parents rave about the size and feel of these towels, with one reviewer saying, “The hood kept her warm and happy and the way she is placed in the towel actually allows me to ‘swaddle’ her immediately out of the bath.”

$16.99 AT AMAZON

With over 15,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this Hudson Baby towel is a very popular choice. That’s partly thanks to the very cute animal hood (there are so many options, from an elephant to a fox to a unicorn and more), which is picture-perfect. The hood has a bit of weight to it, so it actually helps the entire towel stay put since so many babies try to toss them right off. The towel itself is made of a soft, high-quality terry cloth that feels lovely to Baby and you.


Give your baby a little taste of luxury with this super plush and highly-absorbent hooded towel. The faux fur trim all around the hood makes it warm and cozy, and also adds a little unique touch that feels fancy. Made of 100{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} cotton, it’s very soft and thick and looks just as nice as it feels. The one downside? You’re not supposed to put it in the dryer.


Best Baby Washcloths

This 6-pack of 2-layer bamboo washcloths is an essential basic for every family. Made of a double layer of bamboo rayon, these washcloths are absorbent and soft, plus they’re naturally hypoallergenic so they’re great for sensitive skin. They are durable and high-quality, will last forever, and because they’re just basic white, they’re totally versatile.


These small Burt’s Bees washcloths are an excellent size and come in a convenient 3-pack. They’re made of 100{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} organic cotton (and sustainable to boot), so they’re incredibly breathable, absorbent, and soft. They’re nice and thin, which makes them really easy to use in or out of the bath, and they dry pretty quickly as well.


You’ll end up going through baby washcloths like crazy, so it’s always nice to get a large set like this one. This pack comes with 10 baby washcloths in coordinating colors and patterns, and it’s very affordable. Soft and just the right size, these will come in handy more than you think.

$12.40 AT AMAZON

These 100{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} muslin cotton towels are soft and free of any kind of nasty chemical. They have so many different purposes: use them as a feeding towel, a bib, a bath cloth… or even for yourself as a washcloth! They’re organic, hypo-allergenic, and ideal for sensitive skin.


Made of coral fleece, these are just about the softest baby washcloths out there. They’re also breathable, highly absorbent, fluffy, and very durable: they don’t pill and they won’t shrink in the wash. This pack of 12 comes in at just under $10, and they can be used as a burp cloth or even as reusable wipes.


These lightweight washcloths are small and thin, but still soft. Lots of parents love to use them as baby wipes; they’re gentle enough for baby’s bottom, great for sensitive skin, and super absorbent. One reviewer notes that although she was originally displeased by how thin they are, they ended up working out: “Because they are thinner, they work much better to get into hard to reach, wrinkly places, like the folds under the baby’s chin, around her nose and mouth, etc.” With over 13,000 positive reviews, these are definitely worth a buy.


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