Here’s a Closer Look at Lil Baby’s Crystal Vest He Rocked at the Grammys

One of the many highlights of the 63rd annual Grammy Awards was Lil Baby’s powerful performance of “The Bigger Picture,” which was preceded by a re-enactment of Rayshard Brook’s fatal police shooting. The ongoing issue of police brutality was also referenced through Lil Baby’s styling choices, as he was seen donning an all-black outfit that included a piece that resembled a bullet-proof vest.

The entire outfit was styled by Jason Rembert, while the custom vest was a collaborative effort between accessories specialists A-Morir and tailor Griffin Jarrett. Rembert and A-Morir shared a closer look at the piece via Instagram this week, revealing it was a hand-painted design covered with 20,000 crystals.

“What an honor it was to work on this vest!” A-Morir’s founder/creative director Kerin Rose Gold wrote on Instagram. “… Thank you to @jasonrembert for trusting me with this project and for setting me up with the brilliant @goodgriff!”

A-Morir also shared a look at Lil Baby’s matching balaclava, which was also styled by Rembert and covered with more than 3,000 crystals.

Fatima Robinson, the director of Lil Baby’s Grammy performance, spoke about the production in a subsequent interview with Rolling Stone.

“CBS and the Grammys gave us the creative license to reenact the scene, but we also wanted to make sure that we did it in an artful way,” Robinson said. “That’s why James Baldwin is playing on top as he’s getting arrested, just to understand the history of where we stand as black people in America … It was all about doing this performance in what’s happening now. Let’s use this as a platform to ask for what we are looking for, what we need. That’s why I rooted for Tamika Mallory because she is such a direct person that I felt like this movement and this time needs leaders who aren’t afraid to speak up for what people are asking for.”