‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Caterina Scorsone Says Parenting Her Daughter With Down Syndrome ‘Forced Me To Reconsider Everything About Love’

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Being the parent of a child with Down syndrome has been a learning experience for Caterina Scorsone.

On Thursday, the Canadian “Grey’s Anatomy” star appeared on “Good Morning America” to talk about raising her daughter Pippa, who has Down syndrome.

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“Holding this little baby whose life and trajectory I didn’t understand yet forced me to reconsider everything about love,” she said. “Including how I love, you know, the adult people in my life, and how I love myself.”

She added, “It ended up being like the beginning of life for me. Kind of a rebirth for me as well as her birth.”

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In an article for “GMA”, Scorsone wrote about the challenges of raising her daughter.

“To have the same opportunities for fulfillment that I have, Pippa needs things like therapies designed to support her learning differences and physical challenges,” the actress wrote. “She needs more media visibility for people who look like her, so that people recognize her as part of their community, and so she can recognize herself in the aspirational characters she sees on TV and in the press.”

She added, “We are the unique and distinct notes of an infinite musical composition. We are every beautiful rainbow color refracted through the mysterious prism of life. We are equal, different and miraculous, like Pippa’s eyes.”

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