Googling for ‘Baby Yoda’ will bring him into your living room via augmented reality – TechCrunch

Google has been all about the fun little augmented reality Easter Eggs lately, with a bevy of search terms triggering Halloween-themed AR experiences back in October. Ghosts! Jack-o-lanterns! Dancing skeletons!

Now they’ve got another one. Rolled out just in time for tomorrow’s Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, this one brings The Child (or, as the world has taken to calling him, “Baby Yoda”) into your living room.

Want to check it out yourself? You just need to search for the right thing. This is the way:

  1. Open in the browser of an iOS or Android device
  2. Search for “The Child,” “Baby Yoda” or [The Child’s actual name here which I’ll omit because spoilers].
  3. Scroll down until the “View in 3D” button appears. Tap it, then the “View in your space” button. (Depending on your device, you might need the Google search app installed. It worked by default on a Pixel.)
  4. Wait until the camera view pops up, then wave your camera around a bit. Once the camera figures out where the floor is, he should appear. Be sure to bump your volume up.

I just tested it myself and it worked well, albeit better on some devices than others. It was fast and flawless on a Pixel, but the lighting was bugging out hard on my iPhone.

There’s a camera button that’ll let you snap photos and videos, and you can drag/pinch to move him around the room or rotate him in place for better shots. Have fun!