Goat pose! Little Ponderosa Zoo hosts first annual Baby Goat Yoga

Officials with the zoo plan to hold the event again next Saturday, with some spots still available in the morning and afternoon classes.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Yoga is said to be a relaxing and tranquil kind of exercise, and there’s nothing more relaxing than the bleating of goats.

“Baaaa!” said one goat at Little Ponderosa Zoo’s first annual Baby Goat Yoga session.

They hosted the session on Saturday, bringing out a crowd of people eager to try different yoga poses and make some new four-legged friends. Tickets were available for $30 online.

Knox Yoga + Barre Studio joined the event, helping show people how to do yoga and also spending time with the baby goats. Participants brought their own yoga mats and organizers recommended they wear comfy clothes. They also recommended participants rings an extra pair of clothes.

It was held at the covered pavilion at the zoo. They said small children were also not allowed to participate, since goat hooves are sharp and could scratch them. They also had to sign a liability form before attending.

Another event will be held on April 17, and officials with the zoo said there were spots open for the 10 a.m. class and the 1 p.m. class.