Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands For Babies, Toddlers And Young Kids

There’s a lot to be said for encouraging young kids to express themselves in whatever ways feels right to them and dismantling gender stereotypes in early childhood. And aside from the political and sociological implications of gender-inclusive baby and toddler clothes, buying gender-neutral gear is just a smart way to save money.

When your little ones grow overnight, it’s hard to justify shelling out for outerwear or pajamas that won’t make it past winter. Buying gender-neutral clothes for your little ones guarantees a universal wardrobe that can be passed between siblings, cousins or friends — regardless of anyone’s gender.

From space and animal prints to neutral earth tones, these stores have all types of gender-neutral garb for babies, toddlers and younger kids. In fact, most of the stores listed don’t even have “Girl” and “Boy” sections on their sites — they sort clothes by age and/or type of clothing. I’ve listed the general vibe, as well as size and price ranges of each spot, to ensure you can find something that fits your family.

If you’re looking for timeless, genderless kids’ pieces that make for great hand-me-downs, we’ve rounded up the best gender-neutral shops for babies, toddlers and little kids.

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